Technical innovation in nautical components and solutions


Opacmare is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-performance, and technologically advanced products. By integrating its Quality Management System with daily operations, Opacmare strives for continuous improvement. NauTech recently interviewed Roberto Pietro Sacco, President of Opacmare SpA, to gain insight into the company’s mission and philosophy, guided by its vision and mission statement.

The interview

The company was founded in 1995 after identifying the booming boating market. Despite its distance from the sea, proximity to Azimut facilitated insights into the industry. Leveraging automotive industry expertise, the company found success in an initially technologically backward field.

Production remains entirely Italian, with plants in Rivalta di Torino and Castelmarte near Como, reflecting the value of “Made in Italy”.

Main customers include Princess Yachts and Azimut Yachts, with a global dealer network supporting international representation. Key products include the Transformer® and various doors, gangways, and Tender Lift systems. Environmental sustainability initiatives encompass both production and finished products, with upcoming innovations such as a vegetable oil alternative to mineral oil to combat marine pollution.

Energy-saving measures in production are also prioritized. Future strategies involve expanding global distribution through direct service centers to enhance customer support and reinforce the company’s commitment to excellence.

A focus on the multifunctional lifting systems S.A.F.E.
The most recent product line by Opacmare is S.A.F.E., a low-cost range of lifting/lowering platforms for outboard propulsion boats. S.A.F.E. is an innovative, versatile, and practical product designed to improve life on board for everyone: it provides the boat with a mobile stern platform for easy and safe access to the water. Thanks to its patented hydraulic mechanism, the platform can be manually positioned at different levels, according to specific needs.

When the platform is low, it offers convenient access to the sea and/or allows a small water toy to be quickly and safely hauled in and becomes a storage space for the tender or jetski while underway. In its mid position, it expands the walking and sunbathing area and facilitates mooring at the dock. Once the platform is in the raised position, it facilitates embarking and disembarking. The versatility and practicality of S.A.F.E. enhance the all-round experience on board. It provides a large sunbathing area at the stern of the boat, allowing easy and safe access to the water. With the electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism, the platform can be adjusted to a high, low, or sailing position. Furthermore, the system can be synchronized with the lifting of the engines. The S.A.F.E. is well suited to powerboats with 1-4 outboard engines as well as catamarans. There are several variants in the S.A.F.E. range, including models 5250 – 5255, which offer a vertical raise and lower movement with extendable steps (optional), and model 5270, which also has a raise and lower movement, but with a pantograph movement wit extendable steps (standard). Both models allow safe and comfortable access to the water via steps, as well as easy boarding. A further distinguishing feature is the junction between the right and left steps which, when underwater, makes the boat steadier and protects against accidents and possible collisions with the propellers. The S.A.F.E. can be installed on any boat, new or refit, and it can be customized to suit the specific design with options that include 2 to 5 steps and a swim platform support. Other specifications include an approximate product weight of 185 kg and a maximum safe load capacity (SWL) of 300kg. The overall stroke of the system is approximately 90 mm and is fully customizable to suit the vessel’s specifications.

Transom Platform 5250

The transom platform 5250 offers a multitude of safety, convenience, and performance benefits for boat owners:

  • Full protection from propeller danger: Particularly crucial for children and elderly individuals, ensuring they can access the water without the risk of propeller accidents.
  • Easy access to water: Providing a convenient entry and exit point from the water without the need to navigate over the boat’s side, especially useful during anchoring, mooring, or in challenging conditions.
  • Increased liveability of transom area: Serving as a versatile space for sunbathing, fishing, or gear storage, enhancing the overall functionality of the transom area and facilitating boarding and disembarking.
  • Stabilization of the mooring boat: When deployed, the platform aids in stabilizing the boat during mooring, particularly beneficial in adverse weather conditions.
  • Increased protection of outboard engines: Acting as a safeguard for outboard engines, reducing the risk of damage during docking maneuvers.
  • Wider area for sport fishing: Expanding the fishing area, providing anglers with more room to cast lines and maneuver comfortably.
  • Possibility to check, clean, and control propellers: Offering convenient access to propellers, simplifying maintenance tasks such as inspection, cleaning, and control.