Revolutionizing yacht navigation: structor’s advanced telescopic Mast Solution


Structor, specialized in the yacht sector, unveils its telescopic mast available in single, double, and triple-stage configurations. Its structure combines strength, rigidity, and refined aesthetics with lightweight carbon construction and stainless-steel components; its hurricane-resistant, stay-less aerodynamic design makes this mast an ideal solution for safe navigation.

With a housing diameter of just 366mm and telescopic sections of 267mm, 212mm, 150mm, the mast is designed to provide maximum protection for navigation lights. The choice between carbon print finish or custom paint, combined with hydraulic or electric drive options, ensures complete customization.

The silent functionality, with soft start and stop, is controlled from a local panel, the bridge, or via handheld remote. Structor also offers additional options such as powerful compact LED downlights and weldable mounting adapters, included in the supply.

Mistral Marine Solution, as Structor’s authoritative and global partner, provides comprehensive service for the installation and maintenance of these telescopic masts: it also ensures the availability of original Structorspare parts, promising prompt interventions in case of failures and minimizing the downtime of the vessels.

Mistral’s support allows customers to rely on a comprehensive service that guides them through every phase of the project, from design to installation to after-sales. With Structor and Mistral, navigation becomes a safer, more efficient, and cutting-edge experience.


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