A new range of cruiser-racer yachts 


Wally Yachts has unveiled the Wallywind range of lightweight carbon-fibre cruiser-racer sailing yachts.

This line comprises three models, ranging from 33.5 m to 45 m in length. True to their reputation for iconic vessels, Wally sailing yacht stays faithful to their roots with these models.

The Wallywind range caters to owners in pursuit of both high performance and luxurious cruising comfort, ideal for extended voyages and adventures.

Marrying the comfort of cruising with the adrenaline of racing

Fusing Wally’s distinctive style with unparalleled performance due to their lightweight composition, the shipyard promises that these vessels will establish “new standards” for carbon fiber sailing yachts.

Judel/Vrolijk design & engineering, renowned for their work on swift sailing vessels like the 44.6 m Path and the record-setting 55 m Pink Gin VI, spearheads the naval architecture of the Wallywind 110.

Managing director Stefano de Vivo describes the Wallywind 110 as a potent yet refined long-distance cruiser, capable of challenging in races if desired. Ideal for seasoned sailors seeking enhanced comfort and performance, the Wallywind 110 accommodates up to four couples, promising luxurious voyages and thrilling regatta experiences.

A sleek and sophisticated style with performance at the forefront

Exemplifying Wally’s renowned blend of sleek aesthetics and top-tier performance, the Wallywind 110 showcases a sharp exterior crafted by expert laminators.

Leveraging carbon fiber in construction, Wally achieves unparalleled stiffness, rapid acceleration, and precise steering response.

Their expertise in full carbon lay-up and pre-preg vacuum lamination, coupled with meticulous post-curing, ensures flawless lamination and lightweight construction, setting a new industry standard.

Wallywind 110’s features

Wallywind 110: GA, Standard configuration

The Wallywind 110 boasts a high-performance carbon rig and offers a choice of three keel types: fixed 4 m keel, 3.95-6.10 m telescopic keel, or high-tech 4.50-6.80 m lifting keel.

With a ballast to weight ratio of 40%, it promises agile performance and robust bluewater capabilities. Beneath the surface, the yacht houses lightweight lithium-ion batteries, high-pressure hydraulic pumps for redundancy, and a twin rudder setup. It is equipped with Wally’s underwater anchoring system and Magic Trim hydraulic system.

Cariboni’s MAGIC TRIM
Patented by the Italian company Cariboni, the Magic Trim stands as the first hydraulic double-acting cylinder with an integrated 4:1 tackle, offering two different speeds.

Conceived in 1998 by Giovanni Cariboni, the founder of Cariboni, this innovation emerged from a groundbreaking idea. Cariboni’s collaboration with Wally during the Wallygator project in 1992 marked a pivotal moment in hydraulic system philosophy. By 1998, Wally launched its first yachts equipped with Magic Trim, such as Tiketitan and Slingshot (now Itaca), ushering in a new era of sail trim technology.

Presently, Magic Trim graces over a hundred sailing vessels worldwide, driven by the necessity to swiftly trim and release sheets under heavy loads. The system employs a simple yet effective design: a 4:1 tackle integrated into a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with sheaves at both ends. As the actuator extends, the sheet is trimmed by a length four times its extension; conversely, shortening the actuator releases the sheet. This system eliminates the need for winches on deck, resulting in a clean and efficient sail control mechanism.

Design elements that pay homage to the pinnacle of racing yachts

Living Spaces: The Wallywind 110 features an 80 sq.m cockpit spanning the boat’s full beam, offering double the space of similar-length vessels.

A customizable layout allows for a dining table seating up to 15 people, ideal for hosting gatherings.

Furniture on the deck can be adjusted to suit various uses, with the option to strip back seats, sunbeds, loungers, and tables, reminiscent of the heyday of big racing yachts.

Interiors: Below deck, a spacious tender garage accommodates a Chase Boat or Rigid Inflatable Boat up to 4 m in length, freeing up the transom for recreational activities. A single skylight and numerous hatches and windows provide ample natural light, creating a bright interior atmosphere. The main cabin, three guest cabins, and crew accommodations offer flexible configurations to meet the owner’s needs. Wally proposes a sporty, whitewashed interior with carbon and wood detailing, although the final styling decision rests with the owner.

Cruising Comfort with Racing Pedigree: As part of the Ferretti Group since 2019, the Wallywind is a Wally Sailing yacht interior series aims to establish a new market for cruising comfort with genuine race pedigree.

Founder and Chief Designer Luca Bassani describes the 110 as a true hybrid, offering the volumes and comforts of a deckhouse yacht combined with the spirit and performance of a racing boat. Raised bulwarks cleverly disguise the raised saloon layout, ensuring advantages without compromised aesthetics.

Wallywind 150 and Wallywind 130

The Wallywind series is set to expand, with the mid-level model being the Wallywind 130, followed by the flagship Wallywind 150. Building upon the success of the Wallywind 110, both the 130 and 150 models will continue the collaboration with Judel / Vrolijk & Co and Milan-based design studio Santa Maria Magnolfi.

Wallywind 150: As the largest in the range at 45.7 m LOA, the Wallywind 150 evolves from the Wally 144 Kauris IV, incorporating iconic features such as a protected cockpit, terrace-on-the-sea, and raised saloon.

New features include a private owner’s terrace and redesigned interior for increased customization. Wallywind 130: With an LOA of 40 m, the Wallywind 130 offers a seating area below deck for up to 8 guests. The interior can be tailored to the owner’s preferences, with the master suite typically located aft.

Wallywind 150

Improved Manoeuvrability and Versatility: Both models feature an unobtrusive glass-set coachroof and twin helm stations inside raised bulwarks. Navigation and sail controls are centralized, with minimal clutter on deck.

The Magic Trim system allows for effortless sail adjustment. Improved manoeuvrability is achieved with bow and stern thrusters, an underwater anchor launching system, and a retractable keel system. Twin rudders provide responsive steering, while a variable pitch propeller offers efficient thrust and minimal drag.

Offering comfort with exceptional performance

The key social areas of both the Wallywind 130 and 150 are situated beneath the striking coachroof. This space, designated for dining and seating, showcases a remarkable blend of carbon ribs, curved glass panels, and subtle lighting.

The result is a panoramic vista that encompasses the entirety of the horizon and the soaring sails above.

Stefano de Vivo, the Managing Director, emphasized that the 130 and 150 models are tailored for owners seeking extended voyages across any ocean. These individuals prioritize comfort, exceptional service, and top-tier performance.

The boats are designed to resonate with sailing enthusiasts who possess a deep passion for the sea and are aligned with Wally’s brand ethos.


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