Wittenstein Group: solutions for the electrification of boats…and more!


WITTENSTEIN Group offers lot of solutions for the electrification of boats and the marine industry in general.

Solutions which assure compactness, efficiency, quietness, almost total cancellation of the oscillatory movements of the hull while cruising and at anchor for the greatest comfort on board, reducing fuel consumption and noise on board, as well.

The company has been developing customized products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, maximum-precise positioning and smart networking for mechatronic drive technology for over 30 years and it has also been active in the marine industry more than a decade.

Gearboxes for great noiselessness and precision

Components which are more appreciated in this branch for both original equipment and retrofits include planetary gearboxes, hypoid bevel gearboxes and the zero-backlash servo gearbox Galaxie®, our top-of-the-line solution in terms of power density.

Zero backlash gearbox Galaxie for the highest power density

When the technical solution involves a linear drive, cyber® force actuators are the ideal solution when compactness and responsiveness are key targets.
Small servo drive system and highly integrated motor gearboxes make it possible to replace hydraulic actuators for greater simplicity, quiet operation, sustainability and eliminating oil leaks from hydraulic systems.

Cyber force actuators for top compactness
Your benefit at a glance
  • Extreme noiselessness and low vibrations for maximum comfort on board
  • Responsiveness even in harsh operating conditions
  • Battery downsizing with cost optimization
  • Reliability thanks to the robust design of each component

Fields of application are, for example, electromechanical stabilizer, bow thrusters, solutions for foils, interceptors or other additions for regulating the trim of vessels, actuators for rotation and elevation handling of any type of radar or antenna, products for the electrification of gangways, roofs, sunshields, door and window systems, automated furniture, balconies and garage opening solutions, cranes or boarding ladder.


A Foiling Superyacht

Pierpaolo Lazzarini embarked on his yachting journey with his project Plectrum, a