Technology to create the owner-friendly yacht


Sensing increasingly specific demands of shipowners and shipyards for an Internet connection at all latitudes as strong as that of their homes and offices, Videoworks has developed SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) software-based network technology, which, unlike previous hardware-only solutions, provides virtualised resources for connections over wide area networks via standard broadband Internet links.

By applying softwaredefined networking principles to wide area networks, SD-WAN technology abstracts traffic management and monitoring tasks from network hardware and then distributes them to individual applications.

Being able to have different connections, from 4G/5G to Starlink or dockside connections, the system automatically chooses the best solution based on the specific needs of the moment, and SD-WAN makes dynamic use of all the different connections available to guarantee an optimal user experience.

The many benefits of the system can be summed up in seven points:

• Lower costs with independent carrying over 4G/5G networks, LEO satellite and other types of connections.

• High reliability and stability of the internet connection for all critical applications

• Dynamically routed application traffic with application-aware “routing” for a better user experience

• Improvement of performance through “channel bonding” technologies with increased agility in the use of available internet connections, bringing them together in a single channel to sum their potential.

• Possibility of connection to one or more geolocated machines through the safest VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections, to improve the yacht’s IT security and maintain a fixed geolocation point regardless of the yacht’s position in the seas of the world.

• Service management with ETO Panel, a technological suite that can be used from any workstation (PC, tablet, …) unifying control of all the Videoworks systems on board in a single panel.

• Possibility of creating different “user profiles” which can be called up as needed, a solution that is particularly useful for charters.


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