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ShipyART: photos and installations of unconscious art born in shipyards


On 30th May at 7 pm is scheduled the inauguration of Navim Group‘s project “ShipyART, an exhibition of unusual photographs and installations“.

After the first edition held in Monfalcone at the MuCa (Museo della Cantieristica), and the second one held in Genoa at the Galata – Muma (Museo del mare), this one will land in Livorno for the first time.

ShipyART celebrates construction site art through a rich collection of photographs, taken during shootings at the construction sites where Navim Group operates, and unusual installations from its workshops.

The exhibition will be set up from 31 May to 23 June at “Porta a Mare” (exhibition space located on the ground floor – Darsena entrance).

ShipyART, an exhibition of unusual photographs and installations

The neologism “ShipyART” is the intuitive combination of the terms “Shipyard” and “Art”. It was created to describe a unique and fascinating concept: the unconscious and unusual art that is born within shipyards and machine shops during the process of building and transforming ships.

ShipyART, an exhibition of unusual photographs and installations” is an exhibition with a deliberately in-house and eco-sustainable construction, conceived and set up using almost exclusively resources and artefacts owned or in any case already available on site.

It offers various levels of enjoyment, from giant wall murals portraying snapshots of construction sites and workshops, to images of life and testimony of rakes creating movement; there are also Navim artistic islands dedicated to production, both physical and multimedia, and some unusual installations of ‘unconscious construction site art’.

The photos on display are by Giorgio Salvadori – Lara Perentin – Massimo Crivellari – Mario Marin – Paolo Zitti and some from the Navim private collection.

Navim Group

Navim Group is a marine engineering company with headquarters in Ceranesi (GE) and branches in various parts of the world and Italy, including Livorno, where there is the subsidiary Tencimpianti specialising in the design and production of systems for yachts and megayachts.