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EDR Fittings: focus on certified precision castings and treatments for the nautical sector


For over twenty-five years, Genoa-based EDR Fittings has catered to the nautical world in its various applications, offering stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum bronze alloy components for both interior and exterior environments.

Thanks to its expertise, EDR Fittings meets a wide range of needs, from deck equipment details like bollards, winches, stanchions, control systems, steering wheels, door and hatch components, gangway parts, to interior/exterior lighting and underwater boat lights, serving high-end nautical accessory suppliers.

Specialization in precision castings and certified treatments

“Among the many processes we use to manufacture our products, lost-wax casting, a particular technique of investment casting, is the process we use most frequently for our many nautical clients,” explain Ugo Borelli, senior manager, and Edoardo della Rocca, CEO. Lost-wax casting is a specific technique that requires a high level of labor and attention to detail.

EDR’s careful selection of certified production partners through continuous visits and periodic audits has allowed the company to find the best local production excellence in Asian countries like China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. EDR manages all technical and quality aspects, production, and related chemical treatments, heat treatments, pickling, passivation, electropolishing, and mirror polishing.

In addition to on-site quality controls, EDR also has an in-house metrological laboratory for three-dimensional measurements and collaborates with independent organizations such as the Italian Welding Institute for additional technical tests. This ensures that every piece is ready for assembly and covered by EDR’s warranty.

The excellence of EDR Fittings products is confirmed by certifications from entities like RINA and Lloyd’s, following rigorous testing. Fast deliveries are guaranteed: 35 days for samples and about 50 days for production. “High-quality finishes make the difference,” say Borelli and della Rocca. “We can handle complex and impeccable micro castings, destined for the high-end market that demands meticulous attention to detail.”

Innovations in underwater lighting

A particular area of interest where the company’s skills have been enhanced concerns underwater lighting for luxury yachts, where resistance to external agents, lack of infiltration, and aesthetic finish are fundamental aspects. “The demand for stainless steel cast components or aluminum bronze alloys in underwater marine LED lights is growing,” observe the interviewees. “Tolerances must be strict, and resistance to external agents maximal: high attention and quality construction in all processing phases.” This sector, expanding for both small boats and yachts up to 200 meters, sees a growing demand for scenic lighting.

A recent success story was a project with a major Italian shipyard, where EDR Fittings supplied high-precision stainless steel components for a new luxury yacht model. The project, very challenging both technically and aesthetically, required close collaboration with Asian partners to ensure perfect execution of the requested specifications. “Completing projects of this kind is a great satisfaction for us and demonstrates our ability to manage and deliver complex components with precision and quality,” said Borelli.

Expansion and international markets

EDR Fittings aims to expand beyond the European market, with a particular focus on the Middle East and the United States. The expansion strategy includes collaboration with local partners to ensure quality and timely deliveries. “We are working to increase our global presence,” adds della Rocca. “Our goal is to bring the excellence of our components to new markets and offer customized solutions for international clients.”

In conclusion

EDR Fittings continues to stand out in the nautical sector for the quality, production experience, and innovation of its solutions. Its commitment to excellence, combined with a network of reliable and certified partners, allows it to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, guaranteeing excellent quality within the required timeframes.