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A performance, tailor-made and one-off fast cruiser

Credit: CYD Archive
Credit: CYD Archive

The MD 78 is a tailor-made yacht for a demanding and experienced owner who could not find on the market the boat he desired. Ideal for fun and comfortable for cruising, it also provides the thrill of speed

MD 78 is a bespoke vessel, tailored to the desires of its owner—a sleek, fast, and easily maneuverable yacht designed for extended Mediterranean cruises and occasional offshore regattas. Guided by the owner’s specifications, the project, codenamed CYD 200, has reached an advanced stage of construction at Maxi Dolphin, a renowned Italian shipyard.

Designer Giovanni Ceccarelli. Credit: CYD Archive

Hull Design and Configuration

Crafted for efficiency and comfort, MD 78 features a hull with circular sections and a narrow waterline width to minimize wetted surface area. The hull’s design, validated through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, ensures optimal performance in various conditions. Notably, the vessel boasts a double-bladed wheelhouse and a lifting T-keel, facilitating both sailing prowess and accessibility to ports and marinas.

Sail Rig

The sail plan of MD 78 strikes a balance between cruising and racing capabilities, featuring a square-top mainsail, ample bow triangle, and a versatile Code Zero and asymmetric kite setup. Collaborating with sailmakers from Doyle Italy and New Zealand, the yacht’s sail rig promises both speed and efficiency. Automation and electric winches from Harken streamline maneuvers, ensuring ease of handling.

Performance and Comfort As a performance cruiser, MD 78 harmonizes speed with comfort. The yacht’s systems prioritize user-friendly operation and maneuverability, supported by Maxi Dolphin’s expertise in this domain. Equipped with a bow thruster and aft thruster, MD 78 offers a thrilling yet comfortable sailing experience, embodying the pinnacle of performance cruising.

Construction and Technology

The hull and deck of the yacht are constructed using a sophisticated method developed by Maxi Dolphin. Sandwiched between carbon fabric liners and Corecell PVC core, the wet lay-up lamination process is conducted on female molds. This technique ensures precise control over the production process and minimizes resin excesses, resulting in a higher quality product compared to simple infusion methods.

Exterior Design

The exterior design, characteristic of Ceccarelli’s style, incorporates inverted sheerlines, a vertical prow, and a streamlined deckhouse. The cockpit features two distinct areas, with the deck largely covered in teak. Aesthetic chamfers on the broadside add visual appeal, while also serving functional purposes.

Interior Design

Designed by Studio Ceccarelli to meet the owner’s needs, the interiors offer spacious accommodations, including a large forward cabin with separate bath and shower, two VIP cabins with independent bathrooms, and crew cabins aft. The interior design embraces a contemporary, minimalistic style, with careful consideration given to wood essences and colors.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ceccarelli’s studio is focused on new projects for both powerboats and sailing vessels. In addition to the MD78, plans include the launch of the Classic Nikka, a 42-footer made of laminated wood, blending classic and modern elements. Future sailing projects may involve boats equipped with foils, designed for fast cruising, while motorboats may also benefit from foil technology for improved performance and efficiency.