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Cutting-edge structural adhesive


In the Nineties, thanks to the collaboration with Plexus, Vaber Industriale began the development of a new generation for gluing bumpers, spoilers, dashboards, body panels, front grilles, and many other applications made of thermoplastic, composite, and metallic materials. Being fully regrind compatible, Plexus makes it easier to recycle plastic components, eliminating the need to cut bond tracks. Plexus MA8105 GB is the result of more than 35 years of experience creating and formulating high-performance MMA adhesives. Lowers assembly time resulting in high throughput and consistent, reliable production. It is an advanced direct-to-metal, two-part methacrylate structural adhesive, designed to achieve structural bonding of a wide range of metals, plastics, and composite assemblies in industrial and transportation manufacturing.

MA8105 expands design possibilities by offering primerless adhesiveness to metals (including galvanized steel), coatings, plastics including nylon (polyamide), and composites. With a versatile 1:1 mix ratio, MA8105 has a unique combination of low odor, high strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance.