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New GPS receiver


furunoFuruno Italia presents the new model GP-39 GPS receiver. It replaces the GP-32 monochromatic LCD model which for years was the point of reference for professional fishing and work boats. The new model, with a 4.2 inch colour display, offers details 17 times superior to that of the earlier model. Its 12 channel SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MASA) aerial provides precise and reliable position data.
Various operating modes are available on the GP-39: Plotter, Highway, Steering, NAV data, Satellite and two customisable pages. Just press the DISP keyed to pass from one screen to another.
The key layout is the same as on the earlier model to make it easier for professional users to replace the apparatus, while the user data, course and point capacity has been much improved and data import and export is much easier thanks to an integrated USB connection. The GP-39 is thus optimal for providing a GPS signal to FURUNO apparatus on board including echo sounder, radar, sonar, autopilot and others. Interfacing the GP-39 with the echo sounder it is possible to use the TLL (Target Latitude Longitude) function. By pressing the TLL key on the echo sounder when there is a shoal of fish, the position will be automatically stored on the GPS. Thanks to the new mount the display is easy to fit and remove. A small carrying case is provided as standard.

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