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Garmin introduces new 25kW open array marine radars


600w-GMR2524xHD2_HR_956Garmin Italia announced the GMR™ 2524 xHD2 and GMR 2526 xHD2, two new open array marine radars designed for serious fishermen and long-range cruisers. These high-definition radars offer 25kW of transmit power, an increased maximum range of 96 nautical miles, and Pulse Expansion1 that maximizes transmit energy.
“With twice as much power as other radars in our xHD2 series, the GMR 2524 and 2526 xHD2 are our most powerful radars to date,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “They provide incredible long-range performance and excellent target separation and are invaluable aids to track land, other boats or weather, and to help locate game fish.”
The 4-foot GMR 2524 xHD2 and the 6-foot GMR 2526 xHD2 are available with Pulse Expansion, a new feature that provides the ability to increase the duration of the transmit pulse, thus maximizing energy on targets and increasing their size. With Pulse Expansion, mariners are more likely to identify targets at longer range that they might have otherwise missed. Pulse expansion will also be available throughout the existing line of xHD2 open array and xHD dome radars with a free software upgrade.
These powerful new radars also feature Auto Bird Gain2, a unique feature that lets mariners easily locate flocks of birds at the water’s surface, indicating a potential hot fishing spot. Additionally, all xHD2 open arrays also come standard with dual radar support1 that provides radar redundancy and more flexibility to view different data on independent display units.
Other xHD2 series features found in the new 25kW radars include dual range3, which adds an extra level of security to those on board by providing simultaneous views of both short and long ranges. This eliminates the need to toggle between views, and allows the mariner to keep a close eye on immediate surroundings and those on the horizon to ensure weather patterns, land and structure can always be observed. These reliable radars also feature Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter that continually adjust to surroundings, water and weather conditions to provide optimal performance while reducing excess noise and clutter. Coupled with vibrant 8-bit true color, they provide a precise and accurate representation of what weather patterns or obstructions that may be approaching.
The GMR 2524 xHD2 has a retail price of €9,999 and the GMR 2526 xHD2 has a retail price of €10,699. Both radars are available now and seamlessly integrate with compatible Garmin GPSMAP® chartplotters, combo units or multi-function displays. A voltage converter is included, enabling the radars to work on a 12V or 24V system.

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