Modern Vintage, the ‘Mini Cooper of the yachting world’ by Hyperlien

Hyperlien_TardisTaiwan-based Hyperlien designed a small yacht measuring only 8.6 metres long, which is nonetheless claimed to have luxurious and spacious interior rivalling larger models. Thanks to her compact size and clever arrangement, Modern Vintage is sort of the ‘Mini Cooper of the yachting world’.
Janus Huang, Hyperlien Yacht’s director and interior designer, remembered that the earliest Mini had a smaller exterior compared to its contemporary cars, but inside accessories were so cleverly arranged -as close as possible to corners and borders- that its interior space could be compared to much larger cars. Hyperlien had the same approach in their yacht designs. ‘Now customers can buy a relatively big space, a comfy and homey design, and performance to compare to the same level products of other famous brands,’ Huang said.
Modern Vintage, created by Huang himself, has a two compartments interior layout featuring a luxurious bathroom, while the captain’s seat and a polished wood eating area are located in the open air. Upper cabin space is maximised thanks to two stainless steel wings on both sides of the yacht.Though the yacht’s interior has been compared to the classic British vehicle, the sleek exterior drew inspiration from earlier vintage cars from the Sixties and Seventies.
Designed for relaxed and comfortable sea activity, the yacht is very easy to control even for inexperienced owners. Plain sailing is guaranteed by a Mercury Verado 250 HP engine, which allows the vessel to quickly accelerate and easily cruise at lower speeds.
The company also offers larger models, such as the 14 metres Modern Classic Gran Torino, for people who admire vintage cars, and the 14 or 16 metres Shark Line with a ‘smooth exterior inspired by the creatures of the seas’.