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Nautica Italiana doubles its members


Lamberto TacoliThe arrival of six new brands brings the number of members up to 50 from the initial 25 in just three months.
Execution and development of the project “Nautica 365” will benefit from full synergies with Fondazione Altagamma, starting with study and monitoring of the industry in collaboration with its partner Deloitte.
The significant growth thus far and upcoming development of the Association were a focal point of the first general meeting of the members of Nautica Italiana held in Viareggio, Italy.
The first general meeting of the members of Nautica Italiana, affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, was held in Viareggio.

The presentation given by the Chairman’s Committee, together with the General Manager of Fondazione Altagamma, focused on the Association’s significant growth in these first three months of its existence, and the development that is expected to result from the strategic project “Nautica 365”.
Following a gathering for discussion with local players interested in the Association’s working programme and a visit by members to the Benetti and Perini Navi shipyards, the general meeting reviewed the intensive efforts by Nautica Italiana in terms of both its significant, constant expansion of representation of the industry and the preparation of the new guidelines for the strategic project “Nautica 365” – presented in October – and subsequent developments of the same. The project is based on three main pillars: the Nautica Italiana Manifesto, with nine concrete legislative proposals in support of growth of the industry; the “Ethical Contract” aimed at ensuring responsibility and transparency; and a national and international promotional plan with a new events strategy for the industry.
The general meeting was attended by all the members. The programme was approved unanimously.
The meeting in Viareggio served as an opportunity to welcome six new brands, which formally joined Nautica Italiana, bringing the number of members to 50, twice the original amount. The addition of these new members is important, not only because it marks yet another numerical milestone, but also, and above all, because it means increasingly broad representation of the industry, including in the services and accessories segments, in which – as in shipbuilding – Italian companies are renowned for their excellence at international level.
The six new high-end brands that joined Nautica Italiana are: Guidi, Marina di Genova, Opem Sistemi, San Giorgio Sein, Team Italia, Titi Shipping, which add to the services, marinas and accessories sectors.
“The Association is currently reviewing a number of applications, and we are proud to welcome six new brands that have chosen Nautica Italiana and its project. The constant interest from various parties in our programme confirms the need for new stimuli and new activities for the industry. I am particularly pleased to be able to state that after a quarter of intense work following the launch of the Association, we can now look forward to a future with an equal wealth of initiatives, proposals and work together,” commented Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of Nautica Italiana.
The admission of the new members also represents further progress by Nautica Italiana in terms of the total turnover represented, which has thus climbed to €1.337 billion, more than 60% of total nautical production turnover, and well over 80% of Italian shipyard turnover.
These strong numbers and brands form the foundation for the international revitalisation of the Italian nautical industry, thanks to efforts by Nautica Italiana and the increasingly important synergies resulting from affiliation with Fondazione Altagamma, presented to the general meeting by the latter’s General Manager. In addition to the recent appointment of Lamberto Tacoli as Deputy Chairman of Fondazione Altagamma in representation of Nautica Italiana, these include the launch of study and monitoring of the industry, commissioned, in collaboration with Fondazione, to its partner Deloitte, to provide a constantly up-to-date picture of the performance, new trends and needs of the industry, and thus to permit the most appropriate execution of the development strategy.

Nautica Italiana six new members

Guidi S.r.l., based in Grignasco (Novara), has a long history as a leading marine accessory company at the global level, with a line of bronze, copper, chromium-plated, nickel-plated and aluminium accessories, non-stick valves, water intakes, thru-hull connections, water strainers and pipe fittings, for a total of approximately 3500 items in its catalogue. The firm, founded in 1968 by Bruno Guidi, boasts 13 patents, and two certifications (ISO 9001 and 14001). It exports to or is present in 65 countries throughout the world, with exports accounting for 60% of its total turnover. In recent years, Guidi has adopted a ‘modern patronage’ approach that has led it to complete high-level projects in the arts, in collaboration with established Italian and international artists.

Marina di Genova
Marina Genova Aeroporto, managed by S.S.P. – Società Sviluppo Porti, is a cutting-edge pleasure boating complex. Located ten minutes from the city centre and five minutes from C. Colombo International Airport, it has three large basins, 500 moorings, including 100 moorings for yachts from 30 to 130 metres, exclusive stores dedicated to boating and more, and eight dining establishments: in addition to a refined Italian restaurant, the facility also boasts an excellent pizzeria, a Ligurian trattoria and foccacceria, Asian cuisine, a beer pub, an ice cream parlour and a coffee bar. Marina Genova Aeroporto also offers various hospitality solutions, from MarinaPlace, a boutique hotel with refined rooms furnished in minimalist style, to the Boat&Breakfast formula, which offers guests the chance to stay on elegant yachts rather than in a traditional hotel setting. Marina Genova Aeroporto is a Mediterranean nautical hub of excellence capable of offering the best in terms of logistics and service.

Opem Sistemi
Opem Sistemi has a multi-year experience in design, manufacture and maintenance of marine equipment. Opem Sistemi manufactures naval equipment for pleasure mega yachts, military vessels (Coast Guard and Patrol Boats, Harbour and Customs Craft) small and medium size passenger vessel, work and fishing boats. Design and manufacture features of Opem Sistemi products meet the main Classification Societies’ regulations as well as different Customers’ requirements (Customer Design). Opem Sistemi provides complete technical and installations drawings and its technical assistance department is able to grant the best support to the customer during installation, commissioning, start-up and sea trials. Opem Sistemi produces trim tabs, steering system with electric drive, electro hydraulic steering gears, mooring capstans, anchor windlasses.

San Giorgio S.E.I.N.
San Giorgio S.E.I.N. has been founded in 1960 and since then designs and manufactures with passion sensors, instruments and automation systems for naval applications, always looking for the most advanced performance and quality standards. During 60’ designed the first complete electronic waterproof naval instrument line (Viking and Apollo series) including the first reed and capacitive level sensors. In 1982, after a joint-venture with Veglia Borletti, San Giorgio started the manufacturing of a new line of gauges and sensors specifically designed for yacht pleasure and professional automotive that this catalogue is presenting in its latest release. In the 80’ again was pioneer presenting the first integrated microcontroller based monitoring system at the International Boat Show of Genoa. To always aim at the technologic excellence of his products San Giorgio is equipped with an advanced in-site research centre that develops the mechanical, electronic and engineering design processes of each product. An internal EMC/environment testing laboratory and a certified ISO9001 standard quality system work together to assure that each instrument is manufactured and tested by hand with the same passion and result as fifty years ago. Nowadays San Giorgio S.E.I.N. is partner and supplier of most shipyards and engine manufacturers and works actively with over 1000 production articles in the yacht pleasure, professional and military field.

Team Italia
Team Italia is an international leader in the marine electronics sector for mega and maxi yachts. The company specializes in the optimization and functional integration of user-friendly navigation, telecommunications, safety and data transmission devices with the main aim of simplifying their on-board use. With its products i-Bridge® and i-Chart®, Team Italia has developed a specific solution for integrating multiple essential on-board systems which are both user-friendly and fast, thus increasing safety levels at sea. Team Italia works on integrating the technical aspects and ergonomics of their products, creating the style that makes their consoles smart and exclusive, in full compliance with all the requirements regarding safety at sea. In short, for over 15 years Team Italia has been providing customers with specific technical and electronic know-how for developing and customizing well-integrated, user-friendly helm stations. The company is based in Italy and has five offices located both on the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts. Team Italia also liaises with carefully selected, international associates ensuring its presence in all the most strategic areas of the luxury yachting world in order to offer customers the very best service at all times.
To give you an idea of our List of References, we can summarize by saying that over the last ten years the company has followed and developed 345 new projects, including 126 i-Bridge®.

Titi Shipping
Labor omnia vincit. “Labour conquers all” is the motto adopted by the Titi family, which has been in the port business without interruption since 1848. In 1848, shipping agent Teodoro Titi began to ship bulk goods, with his own sailboat, the Angioletto, thus writing the first chapter of a story that has continued for over 160 years.
Today, the shipping agency Titi Shipping has its head office in Brindisi and branches in Bari and Civitavecchia. It is run by Teodoro, Angelo’s son, who, in response to the constantly changing needs of the port and shipping industry, provides support and a qualified, diversified range of services in the sectors of logistics, project cargo and maritime assistance for cargo and cruise ships.
Titi Shipping is also well known throughout the Puglia region as a provider of assistance for mega yachts through its project Yachtin’Italy, a tour operator dedicated solely to luxury yachting that offers trips to Italy starting from Puglia with Yachtin’Puglia, promoting top local tourist destinations and infrastructures throughout the world.

Further information on Nautica Italiana
Nautica Italiana, the association affiliated with Fondazione Altagamma, was founded in September 2015 by 25 leading Italian nautical manufacturers with the aim to bring together top firms from the entire sector — Industry, Services and Territories —, draw up a strategy for the development and growth of the nautical industry, both in Italy and internationally, and restore the international stature that it deserves.
Open to cooperation with other important industry players, such as Territories and regional Districts, it is selective in its efforts, with a focus on its Charter of Values and shared strategic project.
Nautica Italiana’s positioning and particular focus on international markets are traits it shares with Fondazione Altagamma, which since 1992 has been a common forum for top Italian cultural and creative firms recognised as true ambassadors of Italian style to the world. In fact, the affiliation with Fondazione Altagamma stems from the awareness of the possibility of creating strong synergies with other sectors of excellence and further enhancing the role of the entire nautical industry.
In order to achieve these goals, the association drew up “Nautica 365” — a 360° strategic project for 365 days of the year based on three main pillars: the Nautica Italiana Manifesto, with nine concrete legislative proposals to support industry growth; the “Ethical Contract” to ensure professionalism and transparency, and a national and international promotional plan with a new nautical events strategy.
The Board consists of seven members: Lamberto Tacoli (Chairman); Luigi Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Boschi, and Giovanna Vitelli (Vice Chairpersons); Corrado Salvemini (Director); and Lorenzo Pollicardo (General Secretary)