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Mastervolt introduces MLS range of entry-level 12 V Lithium Ion batteries efficient power in a compact case


fam MLSDesigned for small-system applications, the new MLS series offers 3 times the lifespan of lead acid batteries at just 30 % of the weight and volume

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based leader in off grid electrical systems, announces the launch of its MLS series of high performance 12 V Lithium Ion batteries. There are four new models available, ranging from 80 Wh (6 Ah) to 390 Wh (30 Ah).

Easy move to Lithium Ion
The MLS series has been developed with technology taken from the hugely successful MLI Ultra series. Although tailored for different types of applications, the MLS share many of the same characteristics making them ideal for applications where long lifespan, light weight and compactness are key.
The MLS series is designed to be extremely easy to install without any additional components. All the models comprise of a tough waterproof plastic case. This makes it a straight-forward replacement for most existing lead-acid batteries.

All the advantages and integrated safety
Lithium Ion has many advantages over lead acid, meaning the MLS series can fast recharge in an hour, and deep cycle (up to 80 % discharge) 2000 times without damage, which is three times longer than lead acid. To ensure safe operation at all times, Mastervolt has chosen the safest Lithium Ion chemistry: iron phosphate. On top of that, an integrated battery management system including safety disconnect protects the battery from deep discharging, overcharging and overheating. Although this internal measure puts a limit to the allowable charge / discharge rate (compared to its big brother MLI Ultra), the products create an optimal entry point into the world of Lithium-Ion.

Broad range of applications
The new MLS batteries are suited for many different applications where capacity up to 90 Ah is needed. Its compactness and weight plus the fact that it is mountable in multiple orientations, make it ideal for portable applications such as mobile communications. Other applications range from small boats and vehicles to security systems and industrial applications.
Each model has been tested and certified to UN38.3 (safe transport by air, boat and road) specification, and carries a 2-year warranty.

MSL Technical Specifications

Model          MLS 12/80      MLS 12/130     MLS 12/260     MLS 12/390    
No load 12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V
Capacity 6 Ah 10 Ah 20 Ah 30 Ah
Energy cap 77 Wh 128 Wh 256 Wh 384 Wh
Size (mm) 90 x 70 x 109 151 x 65 x 102 180 x76 x 161 181 x 126 x 140


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