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An original tetrahedron superyacht concept by Jonathan Schwinge


tetra-superyacht-jonathan-schwingeThe London-based designer Jonathan Schwinge has conceived a very unusual superyacht concept, the Tetra Super Yacht.
The ‘tetrahedron’ completely rethinks modern watercrafts, designing one of the simplest possible configurations:  the vessel presents itself as a simple sequence of planes, which form together a geometric enclosed structure.
The vessel has two different waterlines while cruising according to her speed: at low speeds the Tetra rests on three small hulls underneath the pyramid body, while when she reaches high speeds she lifts out of the water thanks to a deeply submerged set of hydrofoils. This elevated mode of travel is realized by a hyswas hull (a hydrofoil small waterplane area ship) that comprises a retractable vertical strut fixed onto a submerged torpedo hull. The result is a superyacht that gives the feeling of floating much above the surface of the water. Moreover, her design allows to cut through the water with reduced drag giving it a higher top speed, and the superyacht can also unfold herself when stationary to provide more deck space.