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Foresti & SuardiIMMAGE means also style and décor continuously evolving, with a unique combination of classical and contemporary and, in many cases, innovative shapes. The renowned excellence of their metal works makes of the Predore’s company a real forerunner of many trends and an undeniable reference within the market. Metal is melted and modeled to be shaped in countless forms, to be then coupled with fabrics or leathers, or to be combined with different elements and finishing.  These skills, developed and evolved through the years, allowed Foresti & Suardi to compete with well-known names and with more famous, competing and specialized companies. the new handles series, enriching the already existing catalogue, is no exception, and comes with a relevant richness of shapes and finishing. The formal and quality level is absolute, and make of these handles a valid alternative to more famed names, all the more since any metallic component of the Foresti & Suardi’s handles is specifically treated, because is specifically dedicated to the utilization in a marine environment, a lot more hostile and aggressive than a normal residential context. The new series was conceived to be flexible and enlargeable in terms of shapes and finishing. This first proposal includes squared section handles of brass with chrome-plated finishing, more rounded and romantic shapes, handles made of an internal plate of chrome-plated brass and external lining of leather of black or coffee colors. For some models is implicit the modularity and the possibility of being assembled with different finishing, for example mixing a polished metal with black leather, chrome-plated and satinized surfaces, coffee leather with smoothed brass and other elegant combinations. The wide selection of leathers and finishing will allow the designer and the final customers to buy a customized product, virtually fit for any setting and living style.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy