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Advanced Volvo Penta IPS30 pod updated

Volvo Penta IPS pod

Volvo Penta IPS30 podVolvo Penta has augmented its Inboard Performance System IPS30 pod design, to match the class-leading performance of its latest and most powerful diesel engine – the D13-1000.

The remodeled IPS pod drive by Volvo Penta – named IPS30 – sees new and upgraded features to complement the company’s latest 13-liter 1000hp engine, to provide world-class performance. The redesigned pod is part of the company’s exciting breakthrough into a higher power category for its marine leisure segment, enabling yachts of up to 120ft to benefit from its excellent capabilities.

“Our new IPS30 pod is another considerable step forward for us and our customers, offering better performance than ever before,” says Johan Wästeräng, vice president for product management in the marine leisure segment at Volvo Penta.

“Our IPS technology has been a revelation in the marine industry since it was first launched, and the upgraded model expands the system’s capabilities further still. It has been enhanced to match the extra power that our new engine provides, and as a combined package, the D13 and IPS together give exceptional world-class performance.

“We’re confident that our IPS30 pod and its installation as an integrated solution with the new 1000hp engine, will provide a great propulsion option for high-end yacht owners.”

Further, faster, longer

The IPS30 pod has been updated to ensure it is a perfect match for the new design of the D13 engine. Overall, these enhancements make the pod cleaner, tougher, able to handle a wide speed range, while retaining the compact dimensions of existing IPS drives.

“In order for the engine to power a vessel to go further, faster and for longer on the water, we knew we would have to make the IPS stronger and more durable,” says Wästeräng. “The updated IPS30 can withstand the high power from the new engine, and will allow vessels to reach speeds of up to 42 knots. And of course, being cleaner means there will be less maintenance and therefore more time for yacht owners to enjoy their leisure time.”

Greater possibilities for large yacht owners

The IPS30 pod and its co-ordination with the 13-liter engine sees the production of the D13-IPS1350 integrated package; the 1350 refers to the equivalent amount of horsepower produced from the unit, when compared to a traditional inboard shaft engine installation. The package is a complete system from helm to prop, with a technologically advanced design that has twin counter-rotating forward-facing propellers that sit below the hull for enhanced grip. The unique design, with individually steerable pods that are linked to the onboard Joystick Docking function, creates precision maneuverability.

The IPS package provides up to 30 per cent lower fuel consumption – compared to inboard shaft installations – up to 15 per cent faster acceleration and 20 per cent higher top speed; noise and vibration levels are reduced by up to 50 per cent. An IPS package can be installed in twin, triple or quadruple configuration, and of the latter, the power produced is equivalent to 5400hp.

“We are continuing to develop our offer and are not only powering leisure yachts with Volvo Penta IPS, but also a wide range of commercial marine vessels such as off-shore wind farming or passenger transport vessels,” say Wästeräng. “In this respect, we are powering vessels of up to 110 tons.”

Björn Rönnvall, product manager for the marine leisure segment at Volvo Penta, adds: “We are attracting new boatbuilders and end-user customers who want more power and more durability. We are growing further into the high-end yacht segment and increasing our footprint in this market. We can offer greater possibilities for large yacht owners with Volvo Penta IPS.”


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