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New12 watermakers by Osmosea

New12 Osmosea

New12 OsmoseaSince introducing the New12 line in the market, Osmosea® has reached a level of quality and reliability, on this product, to attract the interest of the major shipyard manufacturers of sailing boats.

Studied, developed and produced entirely in Italy, the watermakers of the New12 line are marked, as well as for low energy consumption, for the easy adaptability space, for the high quality of materials and manufacture, especially for the digital interface and for the quietness, also given by the introduction of Brushless motors.

Osmosea relies on a team of experts in hydraulics and electronics, which takes care of every stage of production until final testing.

In addition to its products, Osmosea has implemented the design departments for a better collaboration with the technical offices of the shipyards and the after-sales department to guarantee a high quality of customer service.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy