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Sessa Marine and CentrostileDesign: Italian excellence in yacht production

italian luxury boat

italian boatThe Sessa Marine yard, founded in 1958 in the province of Bergamo, is recognised for its dynamic approach and its innovation, thanks to its production of exclusive vessels characterised by research in design and technology, aiming to reach one final objective: to produce emotions in anyone who sails on a Sessa Marine yacht. Today the yard offers three lines of Open and Fly yachts, from 18 to 68 feet and of high quality. With more than 20,000 yachts built, the company has dealers all over the world, with service provided by a highly trained “Service Point” network throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Americas. Sessa Marine offers a wide range of customisation to satisfy the requirements of any customer.

The 2018 models

In the past two years the yard has presented an industrial plan on the level of the leading exponents of world shipbuilding, considerably accelerating its production capacity. 2018 was a year to remember for the Sessa Marine yard, which was celebrating its 60th anniversary with continuing growth, together with seven new models. All this was possible thanks to continual attention paid by the yard to customer requirements, to the farsightedness of founding partner Riccardo Radice, capable of interpreting the very complex and varied yacht market, and to collaboration with CentrostileDesign, a technological partner headed by Davide Cipriani, which for about 20 years has been designing for leading world yards.


Today more than ever, time to market is fundamental in this sector and the yard’s decision to entrust design, planning, hulls and moulds to CentrostileDesign shortens the production cycle, reducing the possibility of error or loss of information. It also allows the yard to increase its production efficiency. CentrostileDesign is a yacht and industrial design studio that can work alongside customers in all phases of the production chain and transformation of ideas into structured projects. The company incorporates in a single structure all contacts in the yacht design and production chain: from the designer to the team of engineers and outside suppliers for studying models and making the final mould. The innovative challenge of Davide Cipriani, head of CentrostileDesign, is to supply a complete service that guarantees qualitative monitoring and constant control of the production progress of all projects commissioned.
The result is a very high quality product because it is obtained through the daily cooperation of all departments and optimisation of times and resources: a team of more than 40 collaborators is able to satisfy all the requirements of loyal and potential customers. The mission of CentostileDesign is summed up by Cipriani: “Aesthetic quality and the charm of a product are an integral part of its usefulness. The best way to obtain aesthetic quality is to make all the resources involved in the genesis of the product work as a team, especially if you are speaking of engineering, ergonomics and design. Our strong point is teamwork with people highly qualified in every sector of the production chain.”

Key Largo

The Key Largo range, known and appreciated worldwide, is today one of the most iconic products of the yard. The new generation Key Largo, represented by the KL27 and KL24 models, is a demonstration of how Sessa Marine continues to believe that the future needs the past and that tradition meets innovation. In short, a model that evolves continuously with the aim of challenging time, thanks to timeless design, and even more aggressive look and very distinct lines that make it immediately recognisable.
In addition the adding of details, such as the large side window and the new windshield, gives a touch of modernity without departing from the family feeling of earlier versions. For the interiors and cushions the contemporary style that is common to all the yard’s boats has been revisited. Also planned is the construction of the new flagship, the KL 43, for which a concept design has been produced. It will be presented this year.


With the arrival of four yachts, the Cruiser range, with the new C38, and the Yacht range, with the new C44, C54 and C68, has been completely renewed, confirming the positioning of the yard in its market. The most important features of these projects are the maximum exploitation of light, and the interior decor which, with an intelligent use of chiaroscuro and polished/opaque, improve the perception of comfort on-board creating an environment that is contemporary, intimate and welcoming. Fly 21 is the innovative Fly Bridge presented by the yard. The distinctive element of the project is undoubtedly the gullwing side openings that not only provide a comfortable side passage but allow natural light to enter, exploiting it to the full to make the interior well lit and airy. In the wake of the success of this model comes also the concept of the new Fly 52, which has adopted innovative solutions for the livability of the upper deck.


The Explorer 60 project combines the beauty and functions of the superyacht, with innovative ergonomic solutions such as the particular design of the bow and the windows around the saloon. A maxi yacht on a reduced scale, with a beam of 5.8 m and surprising roominess. Living at sea in comfortable and welcoming rooms, just like those at home, is the idea that inspires the new Sessa Marine Explorer 60.
The lower deck is completely given over to the night area, with a master cabin with private access, a guest cabin and the VIP cabin, both with private bathroom. These environments, based in natural light from the large windows and glass walls, exploit the innovative concept of “transparent superstructure” to establish a continuous relationship between interior and exterior. The aim of the project is also to recreate the comfort and intimacy of a home, with high-level furnishings that can be fully customised. Comfort and atmosphere are the guidelines for the exterior project. The huge 70 m terrace and the two upper decks are dedicated to guests and their well-being.
The straight lines of the hull, in contrast with the smooth and capacious stern, are the result of scrupulous calculations during the design phase: the result is a yacht that can part the waves and dispel their energy, guaranteeing safe, comfortable and low cost sailing in any conditions. Thanks to large fuel tanks, which can contain up to 3500 L of diesel, and the large storage area, the yacht has a range of more than 2000 miles.

Attention to the environment

The partnership between CentrostileDesign and Sessa Marine is not limited just to the offer of new design projects: in fact for the two companies speaking of the environment means playing an active part in sustainability, both for the territory and for the staff, and as regards ethics in the later phases of use of the yachts produced. In addition, thanks to the work of producers of propulsion systems, Sessa Marine installs on its vessels only the most recent models of engines, designed to reduce pollution, both in terms of noise and emissions.


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