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Benetti M/Y Spectre wins the Best Custom-Built category at Asia Boating Awards 2019

best custom-built yacht made in Italy

italian winner at asia boating awardDuring the gala event held on the evening of April 10 at the Capitol Kempinski Hotel in Singapore, M/Y “Spectre” won the Best Custom-Built Yacht category at the Asia Boating Awards 2019. “Spectre” scored this huge success with her innovative technology and remarkable performance, achieving the perfect balance between sportiness, efficiency and comfort on the back of a total 750,000 hours of work.

One of the distinctive features of this totally custom yacht is the hull designed by Dutch firm Mulder Design. The “High Speed Cruising Hull”, as the firm’s founder Frank Mulder calls it, delivers incredible performance while keeping total weight to a minimum. The top speed of 21.2 knots is 30% faster than a traditional displacement hull and the yacht has a range of 6,500 nautical miles at a speed of 12 knots, with fuel consumption of between 200 and 238 litres.

“Spectre” also features Total Ride Control® technology by Naiad Dynamics, a trademark of Naiad Maritime Group, Inc With the collaboration of Mulder Design, this is the first time that technology developed by Naiad Dynamics for commercial vessels has been adapted for use on this type of yacht. The system significantly improves the cruising stability of “Spectre” and on-board comfort using two roll stabilizing fins, two forward pitch control canards and three independently controlled stern interceptor blades.

The sporty exteriors by Giorgio M. Cassetta accommodate generous interiors, in a dialogue characterised by influence without imposition. The decor, designed by the Benetti Interior Style Department, has a modern feel embellished by steel detailing and sculpted glazing. The atmosphere conjures up the 1930s Art Deco style found in New Orleans and Florida, which in turn draws its inspiration from late 19th century French Liberty style.
The award confirms Benetti’s success and the shipyard’s ability to build innovative, cutting-edge custom yachts. And it is no coincidence that the first phase of the Benetti Giga Season has now been successfully completed, with the launch of three giga yachts in the space of just 100 days, including the 108-meter Benetti fleet flagship FB275.