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Schenker Watermakers celebrates 20 years of freshwater

desalination systems

italian watermarkersSchenker is a company leader in production of watermakers, that provide sustainable solutions for the water supplying onboard. This year the firm is crossing the line of its 20th anniversary, celebrating a sales increase and the growth of the distribution network, that is widespread around the world.

Innovation and energy saving are the main features of Schenker watermakers, because all the machines use the patented device “Energy Recovery System”, that amplify the pressure of simple low pressure pumps and recover the hydraulic energy back from membranes, allowing an electric consume reduction of 80%.

The technical collaboration between Schenker and Giovanni Soldini is going on with the installation of a plant on Maserati trimaran, built and designed to adapt to extreme conditions.

Since some months the company has also launched the desalination system ZEN, a revolutionary model that implements the 3 main product lines. The current solution is perfect for any kind of vessel, from smaller boats to superyachts. The nautical market was enthusiastic about the new ZEN range: Shenker’s management claims that, since the launch of this line in November, they already sold more than 200 ZEN desalination systems all over the world. Due to this increase in sales, on June the company will transfer the manufacturing activities in a new and more modern factory.

The new ZEN model recalls essentiality and semplicity, with distinguish features of lightness, minimalism, and installation flexibility. The design itself represents a change for a product that is typically hide in technical spaces or in engine rooms. These models have a likeble appearance and reduced dimensions, with only a 10 cm depth, that make them perfect for an installation on smaller boats. Respecting the Zen philosophy, the machines are highly efficient thanks to the latest generation recover energy system. The basic model that produce 30liters/hour of freshwater require only 110 watts.

The version of 50 liters/hour, that is available on market from a few weeks, can supply vessels of 45-50 foots, with a crew of 5-6 people. This machine has also an ‘economy’ function, that allows to halves the consumptions, limiting the production of freshwater and realising a minimalist impact on the onboard energy. It can produce 50 liters with only 240 watts, and has a price radically lower compared to other systems with similar capacity.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy