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HOP, when luxury and attention to the environment meet each other


hop eco-friendly yachtHOP has been designed by Ivan Salas Jefferson and his team at Iddes Yachts. This 120 meters vessel has a modern design, sleek lines, balanced dimensions and reduced beam.
The project was made also to raise awareness and speed up the trend towards the reduction in the environmental impact of this sector and encourage the yachting industry to be eco-friendly with the implementation of alternative energies and paying more attention about waste, plastic pollution and water. The Mallorcan Superyacht Design & Engineering firm believes that with this approach superyachts could become the environmental flagships of the shipping industry.

With this balance in design requirement between luxury and respect for the environment, as one walks into HOP they find a multi-functional aft deck which can be used for events, embark in expeditions or relaxing. The main deck shares a large open space which connects with the glass structure permitting a sensation of openness. The hidden terrace of the mid-deck keeps the guests away from the sun in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere and without the need of further outfitting.

The owner’s penthouse, a floating observatory, was designed with the aim to excite and connect one with the environment and location. Guests cabins forward of the yacht can enjoy the feeling of sleeping outdoors yet being on a two-level loft with natural sunlight or night sky views. Iddes Yachts spent time to ensure an interior integration which is free from obstructions, and only in certain key areas, the design allows for privacy, leaving the rest of the interior open to flexible layouts to adapt to changes and needs of the Guests.

Time was taken for the geometry and organic form of HOP to fuse together to obtain an intelligent use of all the areas without the need of many additional integrations or extra structure. HOP with its elegant lines and carefully thought out interior and exterior interaction, enables each space to offer an emotional experience, all within a sustainable operation.

Iddes Yachts believe yacht design is all due to balance, the choice of its main dimensions for its reduced drag performance, the intelligent connectivity of geometrical shapes within an organic form results in a combination of well thought out spaces with minimum energy requirement with the focus in obtaining natural ventilation and lighting throughout its design and therefore reduce its power demand. A primary focus when embarking in this design was to minimize the environmental impact of the vessel using advanced technology and as a result, there are many unique and environmentally friendly aspects of both, the operational and engineering, which have been considered in HOPs design.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy