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Zuccon Designs introduces SD96 and SL96 Asymmetric

asymmetric yacht zuccon

zuccon designThe consolidated partnership between Sanlorenzo and the Rome-based design firm led by Martina and Bernardo Zuccon partner made possible the introduction of two unprecedented proposals, produced through a focus on new scenarios of life on board.

SD96 – history and tradition

With exteriors designed by Bernardo Zuccon and interiors by Patricia Urquiola, the entry level model in the SD line of semi displacement yachts by Sanlorenzo takes inspiration from transatlantic liners of the 1930s.

SD 96 Italian yacht zuccon

During the conference, Bernardo Zuccon described the project in these terms: “Today’s market makes it imperative to rewrite certain typological balances in order to satisfy new demands for volume and functions. That is why SD96 hasn’t limited itself to preservation, embarking on a search for new scenarios where the possibility of exploiting spatial transformation enhances the experience of life on board. Some of the settings in this project change and adapt to different daily needs. Hermetically closed at sea, when at anchor the yacht gives the owner the chance to optimise the quality of life on board and satisfy their need to enjoy their time in the ideal conditions. This work was carried on without ever losing sight of two key factors: the volumetric balance of the stylistic features, which contribute to harmonising the proportions, and respect for such a deeply-rooted, indispensable and solid brand image”.

SL96 Asymmetric

This yacht has exteriors and a layout designed by Bernardo Zuccon, with interiors by Laura Sessa. The design consolidates the direction taken last year with the presentation of SL102, the world’s first asymmetrical yacht, and showcases the shipyard’s ability to work with the concept of space, reinterpreting it from alternative perspectives and exploring different ways to exploit it. SL96 Asymmetric is born of this approach, with a side deck on the starboard side, but not the port, because it has been moved up to the roof of the superstructure in order to free up a large surface area for the interiors and offer more space, light, relaxation and flexibility of use.

The concept of asymmetry springs from a meeting of different minds and creative approaches. Car designer Chris Bangle’s original idea has been developed by Bernardo Zuccon with the shipyard’s engineers and designers. “Every project always begins by sharing an idea that represents a synthesis between the designer’s sensibility and the customer’s desires,” comments Zuccon, “in this case the input was clear: continue along the design path that began with the SL102 experience, setting ourselves the goal of preserving the stylistic features and languages that characterised the first product, while reworking them to give the new direction the identity it needs to add strength and credibility to range choices. This yacht confirms the decision made when asymmetry opened the way to rewriting conventional balances on board, offering volumes that have always been used by other functions and most importantly creating new lifestyle scenarios and new perspectives capable of intensifying and encouraging the visceral visual, physical and emotional bond between man and the sea.

The focus on the SL96/A is on the details, on identifying a form of symbology that induces the eye to find those significant differences that make the product a clearly recognisable part of the range. This yacht is therefore a synthesis of languages, places and functions, one able to continue to write a new chapter that is already an integral part of its history”.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy