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Sport and class come together in the new Azimut Grande S10

italian sporty yacht

Sport Collection italian flagship The design of the new S Collection flagship springs from the collaboration between the Avigliana-based shipyard and Alberto Mancini, who habitually draws inspiration from the aerospace and automotive worlds, which he knows very well because of his training as a car designer.

Azimut Grande S10 is a sporty motor yacht but with class, more gentlemanly than typical sports boats and featuring flowing lines combined with exceptional performance. The design philosophy behind the Grande S10 is tied to the concept of total onboard liveability, based on three fundamental images.

Classy and refined…

The first image is that of a big, classically-styled megasailer, on which the slightly lowered cockpit amidships represents the fulcrum of social interaction, intended as the perfect refuge for relaxing and sheltering from the sun.

The second is that of a refined modern villa on the sea, with multi-level terraces leading gradually down to the water: the same approach underpins the design of the Grande S10, on which a flush deck left completely free represents an unprecedented solution, offering a raised vantage point over the sea. It is also a space that the owner can furnish and use as they best see fit.

As can be seen, the terrace is a central element of the Grande S10, connecting with the liveability and social interaction of villas and megasailers. It is a space that communicates and converses with the sea, free of any visual impediments. The stern railing is a glazed surface designed to be almost invisible, establishing discrete and elegant contact between two settings on two different levels. Access to the full-beam beach club at water level is down hidden steps, in an innovative solution that leaves the transom with even cleaner lines.

…but also sporty like a car

The sporty feel of this model is expressed by the shapes used and the choice of materials. The carbon that began as a technical decision is now a style feature too: with its powerful black fiber in full view, it defines the edges of side fins that tilt towards the bow, conveying an intense sensation of dynamism. Carbon also replaces the classic steel manrope, which takes on a rather gun-like appearance and extends up to the bow, acting as the perfect containment for the sunbridge.

The third and last source of stylistic inspiration was car design. Underpinning this idea was a meticulous study of how the sunlight and its reflections play off the water onto the yacht’s surfaces and sections, sculpting its lines. The light throws the yacht’s distinctive stylistic features into relief and gives the model an even more recognisable look. The central stairway too, which leads up to the flydeck, becomes an important design feature made of carbon and light, a central backbone that identifies the personality and perfect symmetry of the cockpit.

Finally, the superstructure stands out for the horizontal development of its surfaces, which are designed with clean cuts and contrasting colours so as not to penalise the sporty lines and to accommodate a generously-sized fly bridge.

With this project, Azimut Yachts charts a new course: a boat with sports features but that also has a fly deck and the onboard spaces typical of a big motoryacht, offering something that wasn’t there before.