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A summer of news for the mooring app Navily

app for moor and docks

app for moor and docksFinding a good mooring, without invest too much energy, time and costs, is the dream of every boatman. To grant this wish there’s a special platform, which graphic design was just renewed. It’s Navily (acronym for The Navigation Family) that simplifies the procedure in searching for a berth or mooring, and helps to make the right choice for it thanks to other navigators’ feedbacks.

Navily was founded in 2014, as a solution for people that are on journey and have to find a last minute mooring, as well as for those who have more time and wants to treasure of other yachtsmen/women experiences. The young founders of Navily are aware of the importance of comparisons and feedbacks, and they have collected more than 30.000 comments, often with pictures of ports and moorings.

The start-up is managed by a multilingual and young team, and it’s currently used by more than 120.000 boatmen that can send their requests without any additional cost in more than 600 harbours. This network grew a lot in the last few months, adding countries like Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Montenegro, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Tunisia and Morocco, while the number of partner in Italy, France and Spain was doubled.

The app, that already had an easy and intuitive interface, has just renewed its design, that has become more ergonomic and optimises the user navigation.

Edouard Fiess, CEO e co-founder of Navily with his friend Benjamin Rousseau, explain in this term their idea: “The choice of a mooring is important as much as the choice of a restaurant or a hotel. Our community, that is growing continually thanks to the great partecipation and so many comments, helps to relieve from the stress of searching the right place to moor, saving time to enjoy their holidays”.

For more informations about the app visit the website