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PROtect tapes: the launch of its innovative product at Yacht Racing Forum of Bilbao


PROtect tapes collaborates constantly with designers, material researchers, industrial sector experts, sail boat professionals and “future thinkers” all over the world, aiming to develop new ideas and innovations.

Last year, during the METS, PROtect tapes launched BOW#, a new range of stickers for the bow number or for sponsor’s advertisement, made of bioplastic films that use renewable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact. Now the R&D department has completed the SPK (Safe Packing Kite) project, an innovative system that lift gennakers and spinnakers in a safer and more eco-friendly way, avoiding the fall into the sea of rubber bands or other restrain systems for the sail. The design of the product was made focusing on the material, choosing the highest sustainables ones.

An interesting explanatory video has been released on YouTube:

The opportunity to recycle some of the PROtect tapes products is easier today, and it’s a very good news for the Earth. The GIVE BACK recycling program lets the custumers to reuse CHAFE, MASK and INTERIOR products, not only for free, but also getting an economic edge. Instead of sending products to the landfill, GIVE BACK allows to save materials for the creation of new products. In this way, PROtect tapes can take less resources from the planet, reducing the risk of more waste into our seas.

PROtect tapes wants to reach its sustainability targets for the 2025 aiming high, using its collaborative spirit, its passion for innovation and its technical expertise to transform its operability, products, sector and, ultimatly, our world.

After the attendance at METS TRADE of Amsterdam last week, PROtect tapes is partecipating (today and tomorrow) at Yacht Racing Forum of Bilbao, Spain, as a partner of the event. This is the most important international conference dedicated at the regattas’ world, and during the event the CEO Pietro Parmeggiani will take a discourse about the importance of sustainability into the sail boat sector.