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Navico Italia and Medplastic together for the sea protection

navico environment safeguard

navico for sea protectionNavico, mother company of nautical electronic brands Lowrance, Simrad, B&G and of cartography C-Map, has been made an effort in safeguard environmental actions and best practices for a long time.

All the offices of Navico around the world are actively managing their work in a responsible and ethical way, aiming to protect the environment, following sustainable standards.

To follow this global philosophy, Navico Italia has recently signed an important partnership with the no-profit association Medplastic, born to protect the Mediterranean ecosystem.

To accomplish this mission, Medplastic takes two roads: information and concrete actions. On one hand, the company publicizes journalistic inquiries, detailed studies, testimonial, expert and scientist interviews, in order to sensitize the public opinion toward the plastic issue in the Mediterranean area, becoming mouthpiece of good practices and ideas for its safeguard. On the other, Mediaplastic promotes several direct actions, like beach and sea cleaning, laboratories, meetings, or the creation of recycled plastic objects.

With this partnership Navico Italia proves its committment in sea safeguard actions promoted by Medplastic, and it also become the technical partner of the campaign “Cacciatori di plastica 2020” (Hunter of plastic), that aim to map the plastic level in this area. Furthermore, the Italian branch will be a key player during the related award cerimony, that will take place during the next Milano Yachting Week, from 7th to 10th May 2020: the instruments raffled off to the top places will be branded Simrad, Lowrance e B&G.

Roberto Sesenna, General Manager Navico Italia comments: “We’re very proud of this partnership with Medplastic, that protects the sea and the water, the natural elements in which our instruments work. We’re certain that the green road undertaken by the mother company is the right one. Today – both as a personal and as a company level – we’re not able to leave the environment safeguard out of consideration, so it’s important to make actions focused on this purpose”.


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