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Jec World 2020 March 3-5, Paris Nord Villepinte


Jec World is the biggest composites exhibition in Europe and in the world, a get together

event for 250,000 professionals from 100 different countries. It  is a trade show that unites the global composite industry. In 2019, the JEC World exhibition attracted more than 112 participating countries, 27 national pavilions, more than 43,500 professional visiting from all over the world: another successful edition of the exhibition that is “the place to be” for the professionals and players of the composites industry.

The JEC Group’s strategy towards end users is a winner, as shown by the increase in visitors such as architects, creators, developers, designers, stylists and trend-setters

Also thanks to the “Planets of Innovation” dedicated to the most interesting sectors that presented the latest innovations in the composites industry.

The slogan “Make it real with composites” is not a myth but a reality.

The “Innovation Planets” have been developed to give substance to this approach. Planets are showcases where OEMs and suppliers can discover the best applications for composites in their market. In the range of parts and finished products on display and presented in the Planets, visitors can explore the solutions proposed by the composites industry for their specific problems.

They also include a series of seminars and networking activities on the latest product and process trends. The last edition 2019 presented, among others, the Marine Planet within which, for example, additive production that could revolutionize the production of nautical equipment has aroused much interest.

Additive manufacturing offers the promise of further advancements in marine equipment such as hull and deck pattern printing as a single piece, allowing you to take a production mold from the hull and then turn the model upside down and take a deck mold from the other side of the same model. All these possibilities translate into considerably lower costs and significantly faster construction times.

For large boats and yachts, the feasibility of direct mold printing is being evaluated, rather than printing the model from which the mold is built.

Additive manufacturing can become a disruptive force for the nautical sector.


The goal of Jec World is to help the composites industry to grow by communicating all the vast potential and advantages of composites compared to other materials.

This 2020 edition will see a busy program of events and awards, competitions and presentations. There will be more than 600 new product launches

The events are so many that it’s impossible to list all, here the most important.

The Startup Booster is the main startup competition in the world of composites. In its fourth year, it recognizes the innovations that have the greatest impact on the sector and promotes them to a significant audience of decision makers. The finalists will present their innovations in the “Startup Hub”

The Innovation Planets will highlight the latest innovations in four exhibition areas, each focused on specific themes (Mobility, Aero & Space, Construction and Energy and Sport and lifestyle).

The new Hubs dedicated to 3D printing and biology will show the latest developments in these two sectors by the participating companies.

For the third year running, Jec Group is organizing the Composites Challenge, a competition among PhD. students who have been sourced and hand-picked for the quality of their research in composites. Eleven young researchers from around the world will be presenting their work before leading industrial players in the composites sector. The competition builds bridges between research and industry

Forum and conferences, organized around case studies and presentations from  internationally reputed researches, design, engineering and production specialists, giving the possibility to speak at several high-value user forums: aeronautics, automotive, land transportation, building & construction, wind energy, environment, natural fibres & biocomposites, marine, civil engineering, automation, recycling and more. Give participants access to strategic information on the trends, innovations and prospects in the different sectors. In the last edition, more than 250 speakers shared their innovations, experiences and interests. The conference program has always represented for Jec visitors and exhibitors an appointment of great fundamental interest for sharing knowledge, which has contributed and strengthened the undisputed success of Jec World.

The Innovation Awards:  an event that rewards the most innovative projects in the composites sector

For 15 years, Jec  Innovation Awards have identified, promoted and rewarded the most innovative projects worldwide. They celebrate collaborations between the different segments of the composites industry. The Jec Innovation Awards brought many composites manufacturers from all over the world to the spotlight. 191 companies and 468 partners have been awarded for the excellence of their innovations.

The global composites market is growing every year. Composites are used to lighten structures, aircraft, and vehicles in general, thus improving energy efficiency, the sector has strongly advanced in the processing of composites, innovation is directed towards manufacturing, and in particular, mass production, robotics and automated manufacturing processes. It is probable that these technological advances will primarily interest major international contractors and decision-makers in countries with rapidly growing populations and economies.

Positive impulses are expected, primarily from the aerospace industry, but increasingly also from the infrastructure/construction, mechanical engineering and electrical/electronic sectors.

In terms of materials, CRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) remains the number one growth driver. Asia remains the region expected to provide the most significant growth momentum. Europe is being viewed slightly more favourably in relation to the North American market.