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The strong personality of Arcadia’s yachts

luxury and green yacht

luxury and green yachtArcadia Yachts was founded in 2008 by Ugo Pellegrino, and in more than 10 years the company has launched about 30 yachts, thanks to a production and sales policy that sensed the importance of building yachts on spec to limit waiting times for owners. In the yard a hull and a deck of each model are always ready for fitting out, in addition to a ready to sail model of the A85, Sherpa XL and Sherpa. This strategy also underlines the financial solidity of Arcadia.

The Arcadia style

When it arrived in the marketplace Arcadia stood out for its yachts with strong personality, with very spacious exteriors, after decks roomier than average and a very narrow interior-exterior ratio, thanks to full height windows and glass panels that move up and down like car windows.

Another important aspect for the yard was green sustainability, starting from a semi-displacement hull that demanded less engine power. On board solar panels integrated in the superstructure, a distinctive sign for Arcadia, reduced the use of the generator, while glass with very good heat insulation limits the use of air conditioning and a sophisticated system treats wastewater.

There are two ranges. First on the market was the A85 of the A line, today with five models: A85, A85s, A100, A105 and A115. In 2016 came the Sherpa line with the homonymous yacht 16.8 m overall and five in the beam.

The yard offers various configurations of this model: day cruiser, shadow boat, support vessel, mini yacht, day boat, fisherman etc, and there are two superstructure options: open deck and salon deck. Inside the maybe one, two or three cabins. The range, with the arrival of the Sherpa XL, now has two models.

The new Sherpa XL

24 m overall and seven in the beam – like all Arcadia yachts it is very generous in the beam – Sherpa XL offers plenty of space and plenty of room. There are 220 m², 43 for the sky lounge, 35 for the sun lounge, 65 for the cockpit and 22 for the master suite. Solar panels guarantee about 3 kW of clean energy (enough to power the main hotel services on board).

The concept of the Sherpa XL, developed in collaboration with the Hot Lab studio, which has already worked with Arcadia Yachts for the interiors of the A105, is developed around the staggered layout of the forward decks, developing a central stairway block with reduced rises. This dovetailing, which creates large spaces with a limited overall height, also has advantage with volumes.

The relationship with the sea and the surrounding environment is emphasise not just on the main deck, where four steps connect the stern cockpit with the bathing platform creating a unique environment for guests (free of the tender which is stowed in the side Garrard), but also on the sky lounge, where the all up and down windows connect exterior and interior, and on the sun lounge, an area of the guests without an outside helming station.

One yacht, two versions

Sherpa XL is designed in two versions, with four or three cabins. In the former the separate galleys in the sky lounge on the bridge deck, while in the latter it is on the lower deck. In both cases passages for the crew guarantee a level of privacy typical of larger yachts.

As concerns engines, the standard version has a pair of Volvo PentaIPS 1050 (more powerful engines up to 2 IPS 1350s can be installed, as on the first model launched). According to data supplied by the yard, the yacht can reach a top speed of between 18 and 20 kn and have a range of more than 1000 miles sailing at 12 kn and 1500 miles at a speed of 10 kn.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy