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The constant evolution of Sun & Shade

Awnings for yacht

cushion for yachtSun & Shade is Genoese company specialised in several sectors of upholstery and technical coverings, in particular in yachting and marine sector. At the end of last year the company moved into a new and larger headquarters close to the original one at the East Genoa motorway exit.

We are organising to increase production,” said Renato De Pascale, owner of Sun & Shade. “We are getting increasing loyalty from our customers; this gives us great satisfaction, because it recognises the commitment the company has had since it began operating“.

The new headquarters covers 350 m² +100 m² of access road, and are accessible even to very large lorries. A showroom at the entrance displays the company’s activities and provides a better welcome for visitors.

There are currently six of us, but we are aiming for growth,” said De Pascale. “Our products are increasingly in demand. Boatbuilders are also asking for mass production: however, this is not exactly our aim, since we specialise in customised quality products. To provide better service increasingly quickly we are increasing the number of sewing machines and apparatus available. We are constantly evolving and this is very important“.

Quality Ligurian production

Unlike companies that move outside, Sun & Shade continues production in Liguria, taking care of finishes and materials and seeking to make staff feel as responsible as possible.
This commitment has also been recognised by the Liguria Region which has allowed Sun & Shade to use the “Artigiani in Liguria” marque, which is awarded to craft companies who promote the territory and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. This recognition is a guarantee for consumers who are thus able to recognise quality Ligurian craftsmanship.

The company’s name has been added to the website of the Liguria Region and to flyers and brochures distributed to the public, increasing its visibility.
But the Ligurian quality of Sun & Shade is not only appreciated in Liguria, but is recognised and appreciated by customers all over the world. “Thanks to word-of-mouth, our products are in demand also among customers from America” said the owner of Sun & Shade.

Cushions for every need

sun and shade for yachtThe range of products made available by Sun & Shade is very large. Among them are cushions and sofas the boats, yachts, motorboats and inflatables. The entire range of marine cushions is made from fabrics that resist water, UV rays and it includes all the padded furnishing elements both for the interior and exterior of the boat, such as sofas, lounges, sun beds and cautions for the flying bridge and the stern cockpit.

Impermeable, water repellent and anti-stain fabrics in cotton, linen, leather, eco-leather and new technological fabrics such as acrylic fibre mass dyed are available for cushion upholstery. The way the fabrics are handled varies; it ranges from classic stitching to double English stitching through to the refined capitonné. Stuffing is made with elastic and in deformable material for long life and resistance to mechanical stress. The fabric sampler offers materials in a wide range of colours and fantasies that give the customer different styles to choose from.

For some years Sun & Shade has been concentrating on making a range of external cushions that are perfectly water repellent and offer advantages both in quality and long life.

Awnings and bimini made-to-measure

Sun & Shade also makes awnings to measure for boats of every size and type. Models are available with transparent and modular crystal windows to provide shade or sun as desired. There are also awnings for shade, for the bow, Bimini tops for the flying bridge and stern Biminis.

The fabrics used to make awnings and Biminis are ultra resistant to water, sun and mechanical stress to ensure stability over time; the material breeds, to avoid the formation of mould because of high humidity. Acrylic resin treatment makes Sun & Shade Biminis a valid solution to protect boat and passengers from sun and water. In addition, they are oil repellent and stain resistant to assure quality and reliability in all weather conditions.

Sun & Shade also makes customised products, defining together with the customer the size, shape, colour and other characteristics of the fabric. It is important to take into account the size of the boat in the space required for sun and shade. On the basis of these elements it is possible to determine the size and bulk of the structure that supports the awning.

A Sun & Shade awning is made up of a net of fabric, cut to measure for the size and shape of the window to be covered, and on its edges special suction cups are applied using stainless steel eyes. The awning, made with a fire resistant and class I certified microperforated fabric, can lower the heat between the part in the sun and that in the shade by up to 30%. The suction cups are hidden by the fabric and it can be fitted right to the edge of the glass.

Upholstery and carpeting of all kinds

italian cushion for boatSun & Shade also specialises in internal upholstery for boats; it makes ceilings, clouded panels, bed heads, curtains and accessories such as sheets made-to-measure with a customised logo and embroidery and customised towels of all kinds in all fabrics.

The company also provides carpeting for marine use in various materials. Carpeting in boat interiors gives excellent sound insulation, stopping noise spreading to other environments. Carpeting in wall is warm, soft, long-lasting and practical. It is often woven in with other fibres and can create unique and comfortable environments. Easy to maintain, it gives good sound and heat insulation.

Also much appreciated is carpeting made from natural fibres such as cotton, jute, linen, coconut and bamboo, giving a good effect in respecting the environment, as in the case of bio carpeting.

Covers for boats

With materials ranging from pvc to sumbrella, from coated polyester to water repellent acrylic, the Sun & Shade product range also includes covers to protect and keep in good condition motor and sailing boats.

On sailing boats a spray hood is fundamental for creating shelter in the cockpit, above the hatch but above all it makes it possible to sail under motor or sail under protection.
The lazy bag is a specific product for sailing boats for doing certain jobs calmly and autonomously. It helps to stow the mainsail on the boom much more easily.
For the future, the company will continue research into technology for improving products and fabrics.

Meanwhile some older collections of fabrics have been revisited; for example, a microfibre fabric similar to Alcantara is today a available in a water repellent and stain resistant version.


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