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Rizzardi Yachts works on INfive, a new success of the IN line range

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in line yachtThe success of the first project of the Rizzardi Yachts “IN” line – namely the INsix presented during the 2019 – made possible today the planning and the design of several new models.

The company has started indeed the production of the new INfive, a 16 meters sport yacht that is going to implement the range, with lines that, even if currently hidden, look promising.

The INfive will be in line with the shipyard philosophy of emphasize its vocation for the big open, in which Rizzardi has always been a main player on the international scene. Compared to other boats of the same market segment, the design of this yacht forecast several plus, addressed to customers that prefer high performance but comfortable yachts, with an high degree of customisation. Tailor-made boats, based on the ship owners specific requests, that are like a first-rate tailoring dress: unique and recognisable.

Several options for the IN range

During this time, the company has developed several options for the below deck: in addition to the master cabin, there’s a 3 double cabins solution or 2 double cabins and a single one solution. It will be also possible to decide between few solutions for the deck zones, choosing a partition between the hall and the cockpit with a crystal door or decide for an open space solution.

Big open spaces are planned also for the sunbath and living areas. For the ship owner that would like another configuration, it’s also possible to have a rigid closure into the cockpit throughout a crystal door.

Talking about performance, the planned speed is around 40 knots, 45 knot at the maximum.

How the work proceeds

Thanks to the ductility of the projects, the first two customised yachts are currently in production, both with different configurations, according to the ship owners’ requests.

The shipyard is arranging the restart of the manufacturing activity, with every precaution required by the present situation. Besides the two INfive, three INsix are in the works. The success of the IN range is also proved by several request of INfive and INsix yachts for the 2021.

Thanks to its historic background and long-serving experience, Rizzardi Yachts has a very recongnisable brand, and it’s going to broaden its dealer network, to cover the main international markets.


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