Crystal challenges for yacht design

Glass for yacht
Italian company boat accessories
Here a window is being mounted on board a superyacht.

Glass has by now become a fundamental element for naval designers who regard it as the new material in creating yachts and superyachts. Glass, a material with enormous potential, is by now a leading player on board these vessels. Technological evolution in the past 20 years has been considerable and has greatly increased the quality and safety of this material. Its mouldability and aesthetic appeal has done the rest.

The importance and management of natural light on board, in addition to the many shapes and futuristic silhouettes that only this material can offer, are today key elements in yacht design. Owners want yachts where interiors and exteriors dialogue with each other, well lit environments and elegant shapes. The intelligent use of glass can ensure the “wow” factor much sought after in design.

Sovit has been working in the glass sector for more than 20 years and today is one of the most active and dynamic companies in the production and installation on board of glass. The company, based in Pietrasanta (Lucca), works with the most prestige shipyards and architects, handling the design and production of complex elements in high-quality glass both for new yachts and for refits.

An all-round service

glass for yacht and superyachtA strong point of Sovit are its flexibility and ability to offer a complete package of services that ranges from surveys on board in 2D/3D, the development of the mathematics and production through to installation on board, offering its customers a turnkey product.

Sovit’s rigid glass production process ensures customers a reliable and high quality product that satisfies the safety standards and technical requirements approved by the main classification bodies.

The strength of custom production

Experience and a profound knowledge of the raw material allow Sovit to produce a vast range of products suitable for yacht interiors and exteriors. If you consider how much glass there is today on board yachts and its varied forms the amount of work demanded is clear. Glass products made by the Tuscan company all made-to-measure starting from windshields to flush glass, from superstructures to flooring and such items as stairs, lifts etc.

yacht design glass
A circular glass lift on a superyacht.

Depending on its usage, the glass undergoes specific treatments to ensure high quality and resist changes in temperature, corrosion and the pressure of wind and water.

One of the strong points of Sovit is that it produces not just flat glass but also curved glass that can adapt to any kind of design while guaranteeing the safety and technical requirements demanded by classification bodies, offering customers a product unique of its kind.

The Italian company offers a vast range of special glass, for example: glass with heating systems that make it possible to have perfect visibility in any weather situation, mirrored panels used for TV walls, glass for maintaining privacy with an on/off system through to a reliable product that satisfies all the quality standards and the most rigid technical specifications for the military sector.

Control production

The production process begins with the purchase of sheets of top-quality flat glass that is selected and checked to eliminated the origin even the smallest defect.

During the production process several controls are necessary between the various treatments carried out by a team of highly qualified people to guarantee a product with no defects at the end of the process.


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