Restart the boat rental of Feltrinelli shipyard

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Feltrinelli nautica rental boat
Frauscher 1017 GT Air

Summer is coming and boats, especially this year, are the ideal place to spend the holidays with family and friends in a safer way and with a total privacy, far from crowded beaches. For this reason, Feltrinelli Nautica worked hard to guarantee a boat rental service this summer, in total compliance with the new rules and with a special focus on sustainability and environment.

Before every leaving and after the return, each boat is cleaned and disinfected through a certified system based on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), silver salt and dry steam at 180°: this remove virus and bacterias without any damage for the environment, protecting operator’s safety, comfort and health.

Rent a boat: some models of Feltrinelli

Among the headquarters of Gargnano, Loano (Frauscher Riviera) e Stresa (Officina Lupo) are available several models of the Frauscher shipyard, which allow to surf waves, relaxing and enjoying the time on sea.

At Gargnano (Brescia) are at sailor’s disposal the Frauscher 747 Mirage Air, the 848 Fantom Air and the 1017 GT, while at the Loano is possible to navigate on a 1414 Demon, or on a 1017, available on both versions: GT and Lido. Finally, on Maggiore Lake you can find a masterpiece of Frauscher collection: the 686 Lido.

Mauro Feltrinelli, owner of the shipyard with his brother Dino, is proud to start the new rental season: “Navigate through waves to discover special glimpses, find unexplored little bays or simply enjoying a relaxing day, seems like a dream after these months where the imperative was “stay home”. And there’s no more pleasant isolation than the one on boat! Today we are glad to restart, and we do this not only following the rules, but also respecting customers, employees and the environment”.