CDP, MPS Capital Services and UBI Banca side by side to the nautical sector

azimut benetti group

azimut benetti groupCassa Depositi e Prestiti, MPS Capital Services and UBI Banca support the Made in Italy excellence throughout a € 60 millions for the growth of Azimut Benetti Group, specialised in shipbuilding for yachts production.

The operation is assisted by the SACE Italy Guarantee program and is intended to support the further expansion and competitiveness of the group, aiming to develop new innovative boat models.

Investments for quality development

With this operation, the Italian naval company intends to accelerate the development of new models in line with the most recent market and innovation trends, such as the largest hybrid boat in the world. This loan agreement will contribute to the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the nautical panorama, whose research will be strongly oriented towards sustainability principles.

The Azimut Benetti Group has an international distribution network and services spread all over the world with over 60 dealers present in 138 locations in 71 countries. The company has a large nationwide presence, with five production sites located in Avigliana (TO), Savona (SP), Viareggio (LU), Livorno (LI) and Fano (PU).

Comments of the partners

The Azimut Benetti President Paolo Vitelli, commented: “This loan, disbursed promptly by the banking system coordinated by CDP, is strategic to strengthen investment in innovative products, supporting the supply chain of our suppliers and speeding up the adoption of technologies and marketing strategies, in order to consolidate the leadership of our company, committed in 71 export markets, in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive context“.

CDP for the Made in Italy

Nunzio Tartaglia, Head of the CDP Business Division, said: “With this operation, the CDP Group confirms its role in support of our businesses and of the Made in Italy in the world, with the strategic objective of increasing the processes of innovation and expansion of Italian excellence, in particular in the shipbuilding sector, which assumes also internationally a strategic importance for the economy of the country.

With this loan CDP also supports the company’s competitiveness with a perspecting of occupation,  operability of the nautical supply chain and related industries safeguard.

MPS and UBI for the sustainability and quality

Emanuele Scarnati – General Manager of MPS Capital Services, commented: “With this operation MPS Capital Services confirms its attention to companies which operates in strategic sectors of our country, supporting initiatives for quality production, sustainability and innovation protection“.

Marco Mandelli, Head of Corporate & Investment Banking at UBI Banca said: “Businesses are experiencing a very demanding historical moment and as UBI Banca we took prompt action to provide the necessary tools to protect production continuity and support growth projects.

This operation allows the Azimut Benetti Group to have immediate liquidity to invest and maintain its leadership in a market, the nautical sector, that’s historically strategic for Made in Italy“.

SACE for the boating industry

Simonetta Acri, SACE Chief Mid Market Officer underlines: “We are happy to have made our contribution in this operation together with CDP, MPS and UBI Banca to support and give new impetus to the Italian boating industry, one of the sectors of Made in Italy of recognized excellence all over the world.

This operation reinforces the partnership created in 2016 between SACE and Azimut Benetti which saw us side by side in an important international order.”