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Yamaha Motor alongside the Italian Red Cross

rescue on sea yamaha

hydro ambulance red cross boatThe new hydro ambulance at the disposal of the Pesaro Committee Red Cross, was lately inaugurated in the presence of the civil and military authorities and sponsors.

Italian Red Cross has always worked for the protection of human life, in all conditions and in all contexts. The aquatic environment is no exception, and Red Cross has developed over the years a group of multipurpose water rescue operators, (O.P.S.A.) specialized for intervention in the aquatic environment.

Alongside the Red Cross in this project the Marine division of Yamaha Motor, which provided a pair of 250 horsepower F250D outboard motors for ambulance and a Waverunner VXR to ensure more flexible and efficient rescue.

Strong vessels for rescue situations

Yamaha stands out for the extreme reliability of its product line-up, the qualified and fast assistance and for the ownership of means able to solve problems, ensuring superior performances.

rescue boat yamaha motorsThe new vessel will contribute to strengthening the commitment of the Italian Red Cross for the protection of safety at sea. This hydro ambulance is in fact equipped for every kind of intervention, first aid and advanced aid practices: a versatile, high-performance vehicle, developed for these needs and designed to deal with every condition at sea.

The hydro ambulance project has engaged us for several years between the design and construction phases. Now finally, thanks to the generosity of companies and private individuals in the area, the collaboration of Bodies and Institutions, the great commitment of our volunteers, we have reached this important milestone” commented Antonio Brancadori, President of the Pesaro Committee.

Immediately operational, the vessel will serve on the coast of Pesaro, always in synergy and under the coordination of the Coast Guard.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy