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Benetti introduces the hybrid Giga Yacht “Luminosity

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luxury giga yachtBenetti has just released the first unpublished shots of the 107-meter Giga Yacht “Luminosity”. The magnificent “glass palace” is a succession of elegant rooms and references to famous artists who have left their mark on the history of art.

Here’s the deepened description.

Palace of glass

Benetti FB272 M/Y “Luminosity” is a moving palace of glass with unparalleled views of every changing landscape. The Giga yacht exterior design is a collaboration between Zaniz Jakubowski, Andrew Langton and Giorgio M. Cassetta, while her interiors are entirely the work of Zaniz Jakubowski.

With over 800 square meters of exterior glass wrapping around the main decks, “Luminosity” has become a record breaker for Benetti. 3-meter-high windows are entirely uninterrupted by structure, giving a floating appearance. A straight bow offers brilliant seakeeping credentials, while a huge forward deck area brings guests a thrilling vantage point from which to cruise and relax.

Main deck for social moments, and above… an helicopter

helicopter on yacht From here, the main deck is a step lower, offering further dining and social spaces, sheltered and shaded by the graceful overhang of the beautifully styled superstructure.

Above this is the wheelhouse and above again is a secluded, private deck leading towards the certified helipad capable of accepting a Bell 429 helicopter. It’s worth noting the space and flexibility of this deck currently set up to accommodate two cars including a Rolls Royce Phantom, as well as a 24’ sailboat and two motor bikes.

At the stern of the yacht, the individual decks step up in perfectly balanced overhangs, each one offering a different configuration of seating and relaxation areas.

Cutting-edge technology

technology benetti yachtsThe Generation/Propulsion Package is obtained by six generators of approximately 1,000 KW each. The electricity produced by those generators is managed electronically, by a sophisticated fully integrated power management system, to feed the consumption of the services on board and the electric motors of two Azipods of 2,200 KW each.

The spare electricity is also used to charge 36 tons of batteries which are sufficient to run the vessel for 12 hours without generator power – a huge convenience when at anchor with no shore power.

This propulsion package is the state-of-the-art of technology today, made by top names such as Caterpillar, Seastema, ABB, under the coordination of Benetti Technical Department. The advantage of this system is a vibration-free navigation in total silence: with such stable and soundless cruising, guests might hardly realize they are underway.

The air conditioning system and chiller units – which is supplied by H&H – are one of the biggest ever installed inside a yacht of this size with a total cooling capacity of approximately 3,000 KW. The yacht is equipped with a waste heat recovery system that is capable to feed the yacht and save electrical power in line with the latest green environment requirements.

“Luminosity” also features an advanced Lutron domotics system with approximately 500 kilometres of cable run across her hull and superstructure.

Symphony of light

design interiors yachtsThe defining characteristic of FB272’s interiors are the huge 3-meter-high windows flooding spaces with light and providing a seamless connection with the outside world.

A magnificent skylight at Sun Deck level fills the yacht with a longitudinal axis of light, cascading down the 18-meter staircase that passes through five of the yacht’s 6 decks, its polished steel and toughened glass giving the structure a sculptural yet floating appearance.

Within the sumptuously proportioned interior, an incredible variety of glazed surfaces creates a constant impression of shifting light, which enters the yacht from all angles. The materials and colors used in fabric, furnishings and fittings offer a continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bridge and owner’s decks

On the Bridge Deck, a VIP Stateroom and lounge stretches out onto a spacious aft deck harmoniously connecting through 9-meter-wide sliding windows. Clad in Malachite green paired with Lapis Lazuli blue and Belgian black marbles, this cabin has its own chic identity illuminated by a 3-meter-wide white onyx moon.

The Owner’s Deck, one below the bridge deck, encapsulated in the 3-meter high windows, so iconic in this yacht, is defined by ever-changing views. Down a corridor decorated by ten different types of marble, the stateroom itself is punctuated by granite details, with the Owner’s bed able to lift electrically by 80cm enabling an opportune position for the views.

Behind the headboard, what appears as another splendid view is in fact a virtual window, channeling the wonderful sights that are visible from the bow of the yacht through a hidden camera. A vast walk-in wardrobe leads to a private massage room, and an ensuite bathroom. This deck hosts 3 further guest staterooms and a private study for the Owner with ensuite bathroom and a separate office for a PA.

The main deck

A spacious and inviting lounge area on the Main Deck seduces guests with its unique design elements all conceived to enhance guest relaxation. Beyond this are 3 exquisite staterooms, each one differing in its design and materials.

Gold leaf riffs with brushed cement, while onyx and ceramic carved by water jets combine in a virtuoso feat of elaborate design. Further forward a large galley fitted with state-of-the-art equipment is befitting for the demands of the world’s top chefs.

Also on this deck, towards the bow, is the enormous tender bay designed to accommodate custom built tenders and toys, including a 40’ Limousine Tender, a 40’ Landing craft, and an additional 40’ luxury tender – all custom built for the yacht.

The lower deck

swimming pool on yacht benettiOn the Lower Deck, a glorious lobby leads to the stairwell and elevator, beyond which are 4 sumptuous guest staterooms. Spending much of their time on this deck, guests will enjoy the yacht’s in-house spa and private luxury health club, complete with elegant sauna and Turkish bath. With shell doors open, the spa space and fully equipped gymnasium sits right on the water with guests refreshed by the breeze.

On this deck, the jaw-dropping 30-meter-square swimming pool is a delight for guests, further surprising them with its transformation into a dance floor by raising the level of the pool bottom. With plenty of bar space and ample social seating groups, this entertainment area will be the envy of all who cast eyes on it.

The Crew Quarters can accommodate a crew of 37 along with their own galley and large mess. Built to Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) Classification, it is a point of pride for Benetti that the shipyard can create such spacious accommodation for the hardworking crew with comfortable cabins and large berths.

To further ensure safety on board, Benetti designers had to divide the entire crew quarters into vertical sections and ensure that each one had a dedicated staircase for emergency escape.

Natural connection

art on boat italian yachtsAnother truly unique and visually dazzling aspect of “Luminosity” are the visual artworks that bring the natural rhythms and energy of the organic world into the heart of the yacht’s interior. One such feat is the visual panel of 370-sq meters that stretches along the height of the main lobby stairwell.

Depicting a moving forest, these images gently sway as guests pass, bringing a dynamic and unexpected vibrancy to the space. More interactive technology in the main lounge area comes in the form of 264 white magnolia flowers sculpted in Corian resin on the aft wall. In a charming visual greeting, they open and close at varying speeds as a person passes by.

Art on the sea

“Luminosity” embraces art in an extraordinary way. Beauty in its purest form blends with comfort and onboard needs. Every single detail tells a story. Every creation evokes masterpieces of artists who have left a mark on the history of art.

Endless details catch the eye without having to compete for the attention. Damien Hirst’s famous coloured circles find new expression on the French limestone floor in the Main Deck Lobby. As for Man Ray, an extraordinary eye-shaped construction at the base of the 18-meter-high stairwell winks at his magnificent work.

The hymn to life of Matisse’s collages inspires the intriguing shapes throughout the yacht’s Main Saloon and Lounge. Among them, a sinuous configuration of hand-forged steel polished to a mirror that encloses a thousand Bohemian crystal bulbs illuminates the main lounge.

Other enchanting stories adorn this space: the beginning of Melville’s Moby Dick is gently engraved on the crafted pillars. The adventures of the world’s great sea faring explorers enrich the refined Portuguese Majolica tiles by Boca do Lobo on the cabinetry.

An ensemble of highly polished concave and convex dishes flood the Master Deck Office with light. A great tribute to the Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor. Another eyecatcher on this deck is the Master Stateroom full custom Culligan hydromassage, crafted from one single block of the same marble used by Michelangelo to sculpt his outstanding David in Florence.

The changing lunar phases in a single piece of Iranian onyx cut with surgical precision. A dreamy Moon Light shines upon the Upper Deck VIP suite.

First-class entertainment

giga yacht luxury interiorsThe yacht has two 3,5-meter dishes to receive signals anywhere in the world, and fibre optic cables to distribute it throughout the vessel. Where fibre optic cables are not appropriate to use, another cable called Cat 8 is employed – a cutting edge super-fast connection never used on a yacht of this size before.

Two racks on board the yacht house servers for films and music, and a total of 74 top of the range televisions (70 tv + 4 cinema projectors) are distributed throughout “Luminosity” as well 10 intelligent mirrors on board including touch screen with multimedia and internet connection. 5G cables throughout the yacht ensure that systems are future proofed.

Safety first

Built to comply with the PYC Code, safety has been of huge importance in the creation on “Luminosity”. The most stringent requirements to use fire-proof and fire-retardant materials of a particularly high quality throughout. A sophisticated medical centre can cater for unexpected illness and injury offering guests peace of mind.