Discover the design of Pearl 62

pearl 62 yacht on sea

interior design pearl yachtPearl Yachts latest new model boasts even more contemporary design, cutting edge technology, enhanced performance and versatility.

The new Pearl 62 has been once again created by the successful collaboration between award-winning naval architect Bill Dixon and world-renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen, MBE.


Exterior, naval architecture and layout by Dixon Yacht Design

exterior design pearl yacht“When we started on the Pearl 62 we wanted to keep the strong Pearl DNA that runs through the 95 and the 80 and we wanted to keep the four cabins and the high degree of privacy that were a strong point of the Pearl 60 along with its very sporty look. We have achieved our goal with a yacht that packs an awful lot into just 62’.

I think it’s safe to say that the Pearl 62 has class leading design features right across the board. We started with a seaworthy hull that is fun to drive with excellent performance and handling characteristics. The Pearl 62 has Volvo IPS propulsion and one of the side benefits is that with the engine room aft we had some extra volume to create the tender and toy storage space that is so important to the way people enjoy their time on the water today.

new pearl 62 yachtThe Pearl 62 has four distinct exterior spaces like bigger boats. The flybridge is phenomenal with different areas for helming, lounging, and dining and is usable in lots of different modes. The hardtop has an opening panel so owners can decide if they want sun or shade. We really wanted the interior to feel open to the environment, so we used glass that goes deep and even over the roof so that you get a great feeling of space and light.

The aft end of the saloon has foldaway/slide down doors so that the galley joins the aft cockpit for a completely connected, open effect: what are usually two distinct spaces blend together to become one large inside-outside space. There’s also the option for a side door off the helm so that flow through the cabin is optimal.

Privacy was also a key point, as were the four guest cabins. The owners cabin is full beam and has its own entrance from the aft part of the saloon and the size of the cabins is great. In drawing the Pearl 62 we set out to maximise what we can offer.  I think we have succeeded in creating a yacht that feels very open, completely connected to the environment and offers an attractive on-board lifestyle. In the Pearl 62’ we have created a class leader in performance, looks and quality of on board experience that works beautifully as a whole.”

Interior design by Kelly Hoppen MBE

pearl yacht boat“It was a pleasure to work with Pearl Yachts on the newest addition to their fleet, the Pearl 62. As with all my designs and my ethos, everything from accessories to the finishes has been created with luxury comfort in mind. There’s a real sense of calm in the yacht interiors, featuring my neutral colour palette, luxurious bedding, cushions and throws.”