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Yamaha announces the debut of the V MAX SHO outboard line


V MAX SHO outboard lineAt the heart of the way Yamaha build each outboard there’s a passion for constant improvement and technological innovation. It’s how the company wants to inspire loyal customers around the world, inviting them to enjoy the fun of being on water with family and friends.

This philosophy is in the DNA of every Yamaha outboard and epitomizes 60 years of innovation in design and technology, that has consistently delivered power and reliable high-performance in the world. And that’s why the launch of a V MAX SHO engine range will spark interest and excitement in the European nautical world.

Four Yamaha V MAX SHO outboards: one big event

The V MAX name is legendary. It has always been synonymous of cutting edge performance and style, also recognized as the name of an outboard that is in a class of its own.

These models are designed and manufactured to offer a wide great performances to modern sport boats, as well as to fishing and pleasure boats, raising the adrenaline of lovers of fun and strong emotions. So this kind of person is certainly looking for the new V MAX SHO.

The V MAX SHO family: the benefits are better when shared

yamaha engine boatThe new range was developed according to a design concept that aim at creating a line of compact engines with reduced weight, ensuring maximum torque without compromising in any way the quality of construction, durability and reliability. Only by achieving these goals, significant benefits have been obtained in terms of performance and an excellent weight-to-power ratio, which makes these outboards the best in their category.

The development and inclusion of many other new technologies have played a vital role in the making of these outboards. These technologies have all been perfectly integrated to offer your boat unique performances: great acceleration and unparalleled speed. Retaining at the same time Yamaha’s main advantage of a quiet, smooth and sophisticated ride for maximum comfort on board.

Style is also important and the new range showcases its tradition throughout the unmistakable black and red V MAX grille, with a new dynamic and sporty graphic scheme that makes your boat unique. There is no doubt, “this is not an ordinary engine”!



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