SAIM announces agreement with Quick Spa

boat thrusters made in Italy

italian boat thrusterSAIM Spa and Quick Spa signed a deal for the prodution of new thrusters. The range combines SAIM specifications with Quick advanced technology. QS Seamaster will be distributed worldwide by SAIM Marine. A total 100% made in Italy product, the brand-new range confirms SAIM Group mission: the continuous research for innovative producs while choosing excellence.

A partnership to make the best product possible

QS Seamaster combines SAIM technical specifications with Quick production technology. It takes advantage of SAIM 30-year experience in  design, supply, distribution and after-sales service in the marine field and of Quick Spa technical knowledge, an international leader in the production of marine accessories and on board technical systems.

QS Seamaster includes by now a wide range of different models whose unique features stand out from all other thrusters available on the market.

The recent developed range will be globally distributed by SAIM Marine in Italy and by Quick Spa network all over the world. SAIM Marine is the marine division of SAIM Group and can count upon a sales and after-sales network of 90 Service dealers in Italy.

As the old saying goes, “unity is strength”. The two companies have  a long-standing entrepreneurial tradition and a generational continuity in family businesses in common. The recently signed agreement is a natural evolution of their shared vision and future strategic goals.

Proud of the alliance

Marco Donà, CEO of SAIM says “the decision of producing a SAIM-branded  range of thrusters developed quite rapidly, the agreement was signed just as quickly. We immediately joined our experience together, SAIM specifications easily integrated Quick advanced technology.

We are sure QS Seamaster range will be able to satisfy a number of requirements and contribute to boost business on the marine market. The new total 100% made-in-Italy brand confirms Saim ongoing interest in investing in advanced products. Our knoledge and expertise in the marine market and our sales and after-sales network outline the high profile of this entrepreneurial venture”.

“We are honoured to be significantly involved in this important project we enthusiastically accepted and we are taking part into – comments Michele Marzucco, President of Quick Spa. We are fully aware this partnership can strength the prestige of made-in-taly all over the world. We can count upon a thirty-year tradition in the production of marine accessories and are very proud to cooperate with a company of excellence in Italy as SAIM is while  providing our know-how and technological support”.