C-MAP renews the app for marine navigation

c map cruising app

app for navigation on seaC-MAP, a company specializing in digital marine cartography and cloud-based mapping, has renamed and improved its Embark app on C-MAP: App Boating. This name is more in line with the brand’s portfolio of products, services and identity; the app can be downloaded for free and with a free trial version of the paid functions, accessible via phone, tablet or computer.

This announcement comes at a time when C-MAP is heavily investing in its marine navigation app. This includes the introduction of the latest high-resolution cartography and updated features. C-MAP: App Boating is one of the highest rated marine navigation apps on the market; has been rated 4.7 on the App Store and 4.6 on the Google Play Store.

New navigation tools

In addition to the improvements made to the maps, the app boasts a new distance measurement tool and a coordinate search tool, both aimed at improving the navigation experience on the app, in addition to autorouting functions, personal waypoints, routes and most popular tracks.

Updated and detailed weather data

The app’s marine weather forecast has also been updated, with users able to find out the moon phase for their next fishing or sailing trip. In addition, users can now view conditions along the entire route, whether it be rainfall, wind, tides or wave information

Thousands of new points of interest

navigation map tool boat fishingIn partnership with Navily, a social cruising guide specializing in moorings and marinas, the app now lists thousands of destinations around the world, allowing users to easily search for a mooring or other points of interest, including beaches, shops and so on.

This data includes additional information on available services, VHF channel, telephone number, amount of berths, draft, length, photos and user reviews.

Now available in six languages

C-MAP: App Boating has also expanded its global presence, now available in German and Italian, as well as in English, French, Spanish and Norwegian.

We are pleased with the new brand of C-MAP: App Boating: thanks the new features and updates we have improved the experience of any user, who can plan a cruise, a sail trip or a fishing trip ” stated Max Cecchini, SVP C-MAP. “The app is an intuitive and mobile way for navigators to access C-MAP’s leading cartography. By providing the right information before, during and after navigation, users can be confident in the choices they make and enjoy a stress-free travel experience, wherever they are headed.

C-MAP: App Boating is available for free download and can access on a variety of devices, including phone, tablet and computer. Users traveling in an area with no internet or cellular data coverage can upgrade to Premium and download offline maps and weather to stay safe wherever they are surfing.

Download the app on Google Play or on the Apple Store.