B&G Nemesis: the new display for sailing navigation

sailing and on-board instrumentation

reliable navigation dataB&G®, company specialised in sailing and on-board instrumentation, has recently announced the launch of Nemesis, a new generation of intelligent data displays for sailing. It offers unprecedented visibility, with full customization or multifunction models pre-set and easy-to-use automatic dashboards based on navigation point.

Whether it’s racing or cruising, Nemesis gives sailors the ability to view reliable navigation data, when and how they want to see it. Regardless of external conditions, it provides an intuitive link between their network of instruments and the real world.

Maximum visibility and versatility

A bright SolarMax HD IPS touchscreen, with extremely wide viewing angles, offers the ability to see even with polarized sunglasses, from anywhere on board.

With its adjustable data size, paddles and backlight, Nemesis allows for optimal viewing in all conditions, both on the mast and in the cockpit.

Full customization

navigation data visualization solution The customizable all-in-one display can be mounted horizontally or vertically, while the easy-to-use editor with drag&drop selection function allows complete customization through a wide choice of graphic indicators, SailSteerTM, tank levels, data digital, IP camera views, histograms and images.

This gives sailors the freedom to select the desired data, colors, size and position; alternatively, you can simply choose from a range of pre-selected B&G models and integrated dashboards.

Additional automatic contextual modes allow users to choose which navigation data to display, based on the sailing point or mode of sailing: Windward, Proximity, Leeward or Pre-start.

Unmatched integration and control

The use of commercial-grade components, the many hours of testing and development in all conditions, combined with the most accurate navigation data available and provided by the B&G instruments and network, allow you to trust Nemesis.

The reliability and accuracy of the data and display will provide the confidence you need to make the right decisions. In addition, the Nemesis display can be controlled via the touchscreen or from an Apple Watch.

Nemesis is B&G‘s premium navigation data visualization solution and is available in 9 and 12 screen sizes.