Discover the new winch NESTOR-VX

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italwinch mechanical products for boatThe new Italwinch NESTOR-VX warping winch is completely in AISI316 stainless steel.
It uses an above deck mounting system that saves time and installation and needs a single operator.

The vertical 800 W motor (available as 12 V or 24 V) has an automatic non-return system and guarantees maximum performance for boats of up to 15 m.

About the company

Orvea was born in 1947 as a company producing accessories for nautical market. Just like many firms during those years, Orvea included a wide range of nautical accessories, but they soon specialized in propellers and especially anchor windlasses.

Thanks to the fact that the company had a foundry, Orvea invested more and more on these two products, specializing even on large pleasure, military and working boats up to 80 metres.

MZ Electronic

MZ Electronic was founded in 1993 as a contractor company, which designed and developed electronic equipment. Since the very beginning, the company began producing its own catalogue and products, attending the most important Italian and foreign boat shows.

Over the years, the development of nautical market made MZ Electronic increases its range of products: battery chargers, charge separators, bilge pump switches and of course, anchor windlass accessories. Nowadays the company designs, develops and manufactures electronic circuit boards for several use in marine market, from the software, to the boards’ case.

The birth of Italwinch

MZ Electronic starts working with ORVEA in 2008, creating the brand Italwinch and starting producing the first range of anchor windlasses for boats up to 16 meters.

The collaboration becomes closer with market demand to have products for bigger boats; in 2011 MZ Electronic decided to acquire the ORVEA company, including drawings, stock, moulds, know-how and starting the Italwinch by ORVEA project.

Now the range Italwinch by ORVEA has more than 30 categories of mechanical products for docking, a complete range of electronic accessories and the possibility of creating custom solutions on request, both in electronic and mechanical sector.