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B&G partner of Phi! Navig, the professional worksohp for race navigators

navigator training

boat professional trainingIn recent years, the navigator has been the most requested and paid figure in the top teams and on racing boats all over the world. Its role in racing and cruising is now necessary and essential at any level to manage, calibrate and synchronize the on-board instrumentation.

The Phi! Navig workshop returns in February 2021, alongside the brand of electronics for sailing, B&G, by UVAI and with the patronage of the Italian Sailing Federation. It is a two week-end full immersion course – the first on land, the second in the water – with professional navigator teachers at an international level and B&G tutors.

Purposes of the workshop

Partecipants will deal with the use of navigation software, the installation and fine-tuning of B&G instrumentation, very suitable for this purpose.

During the regatta, the navigator communicates to the tactician fundamental information on the wind, the weather, the geometry of the field, the targets, the choice of sails and the performance of the boat.

racing b and gThroughout the ground work phase, he’s responsible for analyzing performance, modifying the poles and targets, influencing decisions on the development of sails and hull. In the briefings he’s able to give essential indications on the wind and the routes to follow.

In addition to purely technical topics, the workshop aims to train people capable of working on a boat with top teams or on a cruise, deepening issues such as remote work, the role of the navigator with his skills and duties, communication during performance and briefings, and everything related to his professionalism.

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.

The two partners

For over 10 years Phi! Number has been dealing with optimizing aspects of the sport of sailing with consultancy, services and training. Together with other workshops, Phi! Navig is among the most requested training courses due to the professional value that the role of the navigator has taken on in the world of sailing.

B&G, specialised in the design and manufacture of sailing electronics, is owned by Navico, Inc., currently the world’s largest marine electronics company, also the parent company of the Lowrance, Simrad, and C-MAP brands.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy