Gozzi Mimì at the Bologna Boat Show

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Libeccio 11 Walkaround

Domenico Senese shipyard couldn’t miss the first edition of the Bologna Boat Show, held from October 17th to 25th, dedicated to the boats between 5 and 18 meters. There, the company will exhibit its most recent and captivating models, designed by Valerio Rivellini.

The boats, exhibited at the Genoa boat show, where they were welcomed with a great interest, are the Libeccio 8.5 Classic, refined homage to the historic Sorrento skiffs (gozzi) that also exploits all the benefits of modern technology, Libeccio 11 Walkaround and Libeccio 9.5 Walkaround, born by the research for a perfect blend of sportiness, innovation and elegance.

 Features of the boats

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Libeccio 8,50

The smallest model, Libeccio 8.5 Classic, is characterized by great charm, a clear reference to the 1960s and the classic tiller steering combined with the latest technological innovations.

Details such as the electric winch, courtesy lights and plexiglass panels make the design unmistakably modern, a feature confirmed also by the performance. A top speed of 20 knots is quite impressive for a boat that usually is linked to a more quiet and romantic kind of cruise. Finally, the forepeak provides a spacious double cabin.

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Libeccio 9.5 Walkaround

Libeccio 11 Walkaround is a model designed to transform the traditional concept of gozzo, so to appeal to younger owner, seeking the ideal pay-off between refinement and performance. The world’s only gozzo to have a stern garage for tender and toys, the 11 Walkaround has two cabins, a galley and a bathroom.

Lastly, Libeccio 9.5 Walkaround, is a youthful model with a centre console and, astern, an innovative mobile bar with fold-away seating that can also be used in the galley. The boat’s interior offers a dinette and a double bed, to which a queen-size bed may be added.

Six other models will be on display in Bologna: Libeccio 6.5, Libeccio 7.0 Classic, Libeccio 7.5, Libeccio 8.5 Open and Libeccio 8.5 Cabin.

Gozzi Mimì will be at the Bologna Boat Show, October 17 to 25 – stand 02/19