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Gangways for all: the Super Compatta is here

besenzoni italian yacht

besenzoni yacht designRaise your hand if, when walking around a marina, you’ve never seen a Besenzoni gangway: the shipyard is sure that no one will raise their hand. The gangways manufactured by the Italian company are a key part of many different types of boats of various sizes.

Besenzoni standard models are widely used and include the basic, essential manual gangway, the top-of-the-range retractable gangways operated by a three-stage telescopic, hydraulic system, as well as the external hydraulic gangways and the rotating external gangways.

New Super Compatta gangway

Their latest model is called Super Compatta PI 691 and is a retractable hydraulic gangway made of polished or powder-coated stainless steel, consisting of manual stanchions made of stainless steel and rope, a solid teak platform with non-slip inserts and featuring an extremely compact storage box: only 1.2 metres by 15 cm high, which means it takes up the minimum amount of space.

Its length – 1.5 metres – is also impressive and is ideal for sailing boats, boats with outboard motors or maxi rib boats that have limited space in which to install the storage box. It is also ideal for installing on a swim platform as it is tilted upwards making it easy to board the vessel from the quayside.

Less space, refined design

Solutions which take up the minimum amount of space are not only required on small boats. This is why, using the same concept, Besenzoni has launched two more types of retractable gangways – the PI 563, which is squarer and more modern-looking, and the PI 583, with evergreen oval rails – which are suitable for larger boats than those for which the super compatta is intended.

The standard model is available up to 8 metres long but, as with all Besenzoni products, it can made to size. Despite being larger, thanks to its retractable four-stage telescopic sections, the space required for the storage box is much smaller than that required for the three-stage gangways. Both models can be tilted upwards and downwards.

There is a full-width footboard with a maximum width of 50 centimetres from edge to edge. A remote control and a control panel for operating it from the cockpit are provided as standard but it can also be operated via the Besenzoni Control Device App, which can be installed on 8 devices.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy