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B&G supports Ari Huusela and Thomas Ruyant for the Vendée Globe

Skipper Ari Huusela
Skipper Ari Huusela

B&G, company specialised in sailing equipment, is proud to support skippers Ari Huusela and Thomas Ruyant in their solo adventure around the world, which begins on November 8th.

Tech specifications

Their hyper-technological and avant-garde boats, specially designed for the Vendée Globe, are a real showpiece. Safe e reliable performances are guaranteed by B&G on-board electronics, thanks to the latest generation integrated systems, which will assure the best possible experience for the entire duration of the planned 44,000 km.

Ari Huusela’s Imoca 60 “Stark” will feature a complete package consisting of: 9 “Zeus3, the Triton2 display, a Halo radar and an H5000 Hercules autopilot system that offers specific functions for competition, including polar tables and 3D Motion correction for maximum accuracy of wind data.

A strong collaboration

Skipper Thomas Ruyant

Thomas Ruyant, who will count on the same equipment as his Finnish colleague, will also compete to support the LinkedOut project, which aims to demonstrate the unifying power of this competition.

Moreover, the French sailor was chosen by B&G in anticipation of a future collaboration for the development of new technologies and innovations. “Working with a brand so appreciated for its award-winning technology – says Ruyant – represents a huge leap in quality in terms of performance and I look forward to working with them both in the race and in the future“.

In solo racing – says Simon Conder, Head of B&G Brand – electronics and an autopilot solution are essential on board, as they help the skipper to steer the boat: being able to rely on instruments is vital“. And he concludes: “We are delighted to collaborate with Thomas and Ari and very happy that both of them have relied, like others, on B&G electronics which for 50 years has been at the forefront in the field of nautical innovations“.

Skipper Ari Huusela, former protagonist of the legendary Route Du Rhum, emphasizes that “the B&G system is reliable, sophisticated and able to exploit the full power of the boat in all conditions while keeping safety first“.