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B&G presents the new VHF V100 and V100–b

multi-station 'black box' marine radio systems

multi-station 'black box' marine radio systemsB&G®, specialized in sailing and onboard instrumentation, is pleased to announce the launch of its premium multi-station ‘black box’ marine radio systems: the VHF V100 series. These systems are expandable and customizable, suitable for any type of boat and for all communication needs.

Featuring a bright and clear display with adjustable backlight, night mode and alphanumeric keypad, the V100 series has been designed to complement the B&G product range, providing a fully integrated look to the boat system.

The VHF V100 Series is a premium multi-station black box VHF DSC radio, designed for large vessels, and equipped with integrated systems. Thanks to a hidden processor unit and options with wireless receivers equipped with charging stations, the system provides a clean installation, giving users the freedom of a portable VHF available anywhere on-board.

Full customization and integration

The modular system design includes an integrated GPS receiver, configuration options for up to 4 wired and 4 wireless receivers. Additional options include megaphone and siren, for up to 4 configurable external speakers and silent AIS switching, usable as intercom and VHF.

Thanks to full system integration, NMEA 2000® communications create the highest level of flexibility. The receiver backlight can be grouped into the system, while the NMEA 0183 options allow integration with other third party systems.

Full visibility with AIS integrated with the V100-B

The VHF V100-B is also equipped with a Class B AIS receiver and transmitter, to allow users to see and be seen by other vessels equipped with AIS equipment. The integrated AIS receiver is a valuable aid to avoid collisions in busy ports and canals.

It monitors the position of all nearby AIS vessels, providing real-time information in all weather conditions, night and day. AIS information can be viewed directly on the radio screen or via a compatible multifunction device, as an overlay on a map or radar screen.

Designed to ensure clear communications

The Class D approved DSC radio can make and receive distress DSC signals, including your current position, and supports direct calls to other DSC capable radios. The Dual Watch function allows you to monitor the current and emergency channels, while the record and playback function ensures that you never miss important calls.

This system includes an external speaker with additional outputs for up to four speakers and an optional fog horn / speaker. On board, the system can also be used as an intercom system, ensuring simple communication with the crew: ideal for large boats or in adverse weather conditions.

Our new VHF systems offer sailors better and more flexible communications, because there’re designed specifically for them,” said Simon Conder, Head of Global Brand at B&G.

The V100 and V100-B systems are expandable and customizable and offer unique features, such as a 60 second audio rewind that allows the user to repeat an urgent or confusing transmission and the Track Buddy system, with which the position of a maximum of 5 complementary vessels via their VHF MMSI number. While the high-end V100-B model has a built-in AIS Class B transceiver, so you can see and be seen while underway. “


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy