Cmc Marine Usa joins the NMMA

cmc new yacht market

cmc stabiliserThe overseas market has always played a major role in the boating industry inasmuch as it is able to drive the entire sector at global level. In the case of CMC Marine, the area in question represents a particularly important market segment since around 25% of yachts equipped with CMC Marine products sail between the USA and the Caribbean.

This is one of the reasons why CMC Marine USA decided to join the NMMA – National Marine Manufacturers Association -, the association that brings together the major boating companies in the United States and Canada. The over 1,300 member companies of the NMMA produce more than 80% of the boats, engines and accessories used by boat owners and yachtsmen in North America. The association acts at state and federal level to support and protect the interests of the boating industry and its users.

With this in mind, CMC Marine‘s affiliation with NMMA is intended to give a concrete signal to its customers, who will now have an additional reason to rely on the company and its products. In operation since 2018 with offices in Fort Lauderdale, CMC Marine USA deals directly with the transatlantic market with the aim of consolidating the presence of the brand in the area, providing direct support and, finally, adapting products to the demands of local customers.