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LaPasserella is Besenzoni, and it’s truly green!

besenzoni gangway

italian boat and yacht companyFor the company from Sarnico gangways are the obvious place to start when introducing an absolutely revolutionary technology into its operating systems, one which will also soon be used for Besenzoni’s own ladders and tender lifts.

The technology uses a simple electrical system which, when applied to the product, is capable of “revolutionising” the yachting world for ever.

A little history of the gangway

Until now nobody had come up with a way of enabling you to board a boat using an electrically operated gangway.

For more than 50 years we have become accustomed to Besenzoni’s big little “nautical revolutions” – among others in 1973 there was the swim platform with ladder, in 1985 the remote-control operated gangway, the ultra-compact Magic crane, followed by the P400 Matrix helm seat in 2017 –, which is still very impressive even by today’s standards, as is the way in which they have met the needs of both boatyards and yacht owners by creating LaPasserella.


Besenzoni’s LaPasserella is a new range, which has been simplified by using some of our traditional features while at the same time having been enhanced with the addition of some new stylish features using environmentally-friendly technology.

Now let’s have a closer look at the five key innovative features that make LaPasserella different from existing gangways.


  • It weighs less since there is no need for oil or a hydraulic control panel. On average it weighs 30 kg less than a traditional gangway! And this also means there is more space in the engine room.
  • This weight reduction leads to a number of “savings”: on the kilos on board, on the installation costs and on the maintenance
  • In addition, there is an automatic reduction in fuel consumption, thereby reducing the impact on the marine environment.


  • Thanks to LaPasserella the amount of energy used on board is reduced since the hydraulic power of the engine is not required and there are therefore far fewer cables.
  • Energy is optimised, since the electronic control panel uses less current to operate the gangway, thereby avoiding excessive stress on the system or on the vessel.
  • It can be operated with either a 12 Vdc or a 24 Vdc power supply.


  • The system is of course quieter since it is operated electronically.


  • Having LaPasserella means that there is no hydraulic oil in the installation itself nor in the engine room. What’s more, there is less use of potentially polluting materials such as plastic or rubber pipes.
  • It makes it possible to coat the platform with synthetic UV–stabilised PVC.


  • LaPasserella has a more attractive, up-to-date design.
  • What’s more, it’s available in a variety of different finishes and colours, and it can also be completely personalised to your specifications.
  • This new range can be operated from your smartphone using the Besenzoni Control Device APP because it has the Bluetooth BUC module installed; but it can also be operated using the standard remote control provided.

All the advantages of LaPasserella

LaPasserella has achieved the ambitious objective of making the gangway easier to use and more environmentally-friendly while maintaining the operating standards required in a marine environment, and at the same time simplifying the production process (with fewer components needing to be produced and assembled) and making it easier to install on the yacht,” according to Giorgio Besenzoni, the passionate MD of the company.

He concluded: “There are many benefits for boatyards – installation is much faster, it saves space on board and is therefore more economical –, but it is also better for the final customer, as it will make sailing more enjoyable and less stressful, since they won’t have all that bothersome oil in the bilge and it will be more environmentally-friendly because it will avoid even the slightest escape of oil into the sea.”

Ecological and green

Becoming environmentally-friendly was a key objective for the company, as were the aesthetics of the gangway. You can opt for a platform made from an innovative, high-performance synthetic material, which has been created using only the highest quality virgin PVC. This means that the gangway is 100% “Green Ecological”, made without the use of any wood.

It requires zero maintenance, as it doesn’t need to be treated with any special products: the standard polishing or oiling of wood isn’t necessary, it just needs to be brushed down with soapy water.  It is also stain-resistant, hard-wearing and impervious to the effects of sunlight or sea water, as well as having a non-slip surface, in both wet and dry conditions.

The LaPasserella range will initially be produced in 3 versions of different lengths ranging from 2 to 4.5 metres and is mainly intended for sail boats but also for motor boats where a more environmentally-friendly solution is required.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy