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The Pirelli 35 makes its debut on water

pirelli boat sport design

tecnorib pirelli boatThe Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team, specialist competition hull designers, partnered with TecnoRib, the PIRELLI brand licensee for inflatable boats, to create the PIRELLI 35. Born out of the success of the PIRELLI 42, the new model has more compact dimensions but features the same characteristics, namely, those of a sporty walkaround with rugged, streamlined lines, and the same totally modern and immediately captivating look.

Following the initial presentation of the scale model during the last Genoa Boat Show (October 2020), the PIRELLI 35 touched water for the first time at the end of November.

With its modern, sleek profile, it’s geared towards clientele seeking a perfect pairing of design and speed. The PIRELLI 35 is aimed at an increasingly large market of boaters seeking both safety and excitement from a RIB of this size, assets guaranteed by the double-step hull, but who are also looking for superior-quality on-board accessories, stylistic evolution and a modern design,” explained Gianni De Bonis, Managing Director of TecnoRib.

The ample space around the perimeter walkway creates a very comfortable walkaround shape for a craft of this size, while the layout assures the outdoor environment can be enjoyed to the full, thanks to the large sundecks at both the bow and stern, where a convenient table also makes it possible to enjoy open-air dining.

This model heralds the start of a new journey that embodies and further enhances the DNA of this iconic and distinctive brand. The craft affirms the desire to enhance the level of elegance of this product category.

Prospective owners of this craft can choose the engine to meet their needs (possible power ranges from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 700 horsepower in the petrol version, and from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 640 in the diesel version). The model launched at the end of last month was equipped with 2x300hp sterndrive petrol engines.